Only Love. That’s All.


 “The heart has its reasons which reason knows not.” ―Blaise Pascal

Seasons come and seasons go and several seasons of silence have come and went since I’ve taken a moment to share the whisperings of my soul. It’s not that I haven’t  been listening to the wisdom that my soul shares with me but rather that I wasn’t ready to share it. I wrote this piece about 8 or 9 months ago inspired by a journey of Enchanted Love I found myself falling in only a year earlier before that.

Soul Twins
Soul Twins

I was swirling and swooshing in an ocean of cosmic energy this Enchanted Love created at the point of when I was moved to initially write this. I tried to share it then but the knowing within me wouldn’t allow it. So I didn’t. I read it over and I just knew it wasn’t time to share. I realized I had written it all for me. Whether I wanted it or not, I definitely needed it to take the time to contemplate it, understand it, integrate and assimilate the wisdom my soul had to share with me. Now though, although I am still floating in this great fantastic sea of Enchanted Love, (never to see dry land again!) I feel moved to share with you here, the whisperings of my soul.


The experience that led me to write on this topic in the first place has been and continues to be a deeply profound, mystical and an intricately delicate unfolding discovery on a soul level.  Earlier this month, after two-in-a-half years since it all began, I finally came face to face in-the-flesh with the One, my Enchanted Lover, and that experience has forged an understanding into my being, seared an eternal knowing on my heart that has forever changed me for the better. It is this understanding and knowing, far beyond romantic love, that is my own and that I’m sharing with all of you Radiant Souls here. Naturally of course, with Love.


This Thing Called Love. What Is It?



I have never thought that I would write a post asking the question “What is Love?”  Why would I want to? Our greatest minds and philosophers through the ages have pondered and attempted to answer or simply contemplated and shared their thoughts and views on perhaps one of the greatest questions in life so really, why would I want to add my little insignificant thirteen cents into the mix?

Because like so many of us, love has captured, entranced and spellbound me too. I want to share what my discovery and understanding of love in general, especially romantic love, is at this point in my journey has revealed to me so far.


I know there are people who want love so much so they are willing to do anything to get it. And I mean anything, even depreciating themselves just to touch it. Yet, there are others who don’t believe love would come to them if they drew Love a map to their heart and gave Her a flashlight to find her way in the dark! And then there are those who are as afraid of opening their heart to Love as most of us are afraid of death. Death can come at any time at any place and there is not stopping it.  And yet Love is something many people believe they can manipulate, control even wish for and make happen.

How wrong they are!

So then, what is love? The reality is no one really knows for sure but everyone thinks they have a clue. Yet the moment you try to define it, it becomes limited, at least how it will manifest itself and be recognized by the person setting the limits. Love is a constant indescribable force but if you think you know what it is and it presents itself to you in some other way not expected, it can really knock you off your feet!


“Love is the heartbeat of the universe, the glue, the thread, fabric, and force that holds it all together. Love is the eternal. The eternal is love. Nothing lasts forever except that which is eternal, and that is Love.”

My experience and observations have led me to my current belief, whether or not we experience love is according to our own views, ideas, and perceptions of it. I think that perhaps it’s true, that maybe for many of us who have been waiting, looking and wanting love desperately that love may have been (and still may be) in our face for some time but because our ideas of what we think and believe love to be has caused us to miss the magic carpet ride. How so? Because  love may have walked right in, tapped us on the shoulder and whispered our name but because of the expectations and ideas we hold to what we believe love is, we don’t recognize the current attire  love may be wearing because we expect it to be wearing a different pair of shoes, jacket, and tie. Maybe even driving a Porsche. unexpectedLove

We must let go of our ideas of what we think and believe “love is” because Love is like God. Indescribable. Limitless. Unfathomable on the whole of everything. Everywhere and no one place at once; uncontrollable, can not be captured but only given and received; touches lives and changes everything. Infinite, eternal, beyond total comprehension.

“Love is God”


But we know when we finally awaken to the experience of it. We know when love has touched the center of our being. And we are changed forever.


Death & Love

It’s believed by some, myself included, that death is not an end, but rather it is the deepest consciousness of the soul. To experience the deepest of all consciousness we leave the physical world behind

Love, however, is a consciousness experienced by the living. But Love is the eternal therefore, I questioned,  it must be experienced in death as well. This so-called deepest of consciousnesses is the final mystery and experience that takes place only when we travel through the corridors of the conscious mind, passing through the gateway from waking consciousness to the vast nothingness on the other side we call death. But this is not the end. Only a new beginning.

Light Of Love


Thinking of this It made me think of all the people who’ve had near-death experiences and almost all of them who’ve had this experience say they felt like they were surrounded in this brilliant, white light and were overwhelmed with a feeling of such intense LOVE  it was indescribable to them! Ecstasy and bliss beyond incredible and more amazing than anything they ever felt in the waking conscious physical world.


This perplexed me and yet caused me to pause and consider this for a while.  I began to think then that perhaps the deepest of all consciousness is not death but Love. Therefore making the light in which was seen, felt and experienced by those who had a near-death experience is Love and it is this Love that is only reached beyond the consciousness of death. Therefore making Love the deepest of the deep of all consciousness.  It is a total and complete return to our origin: Love.


“Love is the ultimate force and breath of creation, the fabric and thread that weaves the entire universe, Death is then but a doorway that leads to the deepest of all consciousness and that is Love. From Love we are born and to Love we will return because Love is all there is.”


When I look at it from this perspective, death is not an end but a gateway to the beginning of the soul’s most incredible experience of Love in the continuum, the blissful happily ever after. Although the physical, conscious experience of love appears to end, the experience has only deepened to unknowable depths and lives on in eternity, in forever.

Transcending Love

So my final-for-now thought of love is this:

Love transcends all things; time, space, race, distance and age. Love is the needle, the thread and the weaver that weaves the fabric from which all hearts are made. Love is the fabric of the universe.

“Love is a permeating light flowing everywhere, in everything and everything is Love, therefore no one is without love but rather always in-love, surrounded by Love because Love is all there is.”

There is nothing that exists outside the realm of this cosmic, ever unfolding and flowing forth universe which is Love in and of itself, a constant giving, birthing and bursting forth and changing everything it touches, therefore changing itself. There is nothing to compare it to because it is all there is. Only Love.


And the great mystery is that Love is all there is.
Only Love.


~ May the wisdom of my soul resonate and speak to you on some level. May it give you a bit of hope, some peace but most of all, shine a light on you to remind you that you are never without Love. Ever.

In Love, Beauty, and Truth,



9 thoughts on “Only Love. That’s All.

  1. I love it! I love how you take words and you can actually “see”them and really live in the “here and now” of them..bravo my sister….

  2. Wow this is so amazing and the way you have the ability to express this in a way to really make you think and open yourself to really look at what you believe or not believe what love is in live and death. I love this!

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts and comment! I am glad it speaks to you! It’s alot to think about. I still think about the depth and magnitude of Love. It’s overwhelming. ❤

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