About Me

Hi there.

My name is Aura Argante.

I am a Holistic Spiritual Health & Wellness Coach. I help women who are struggling to find purpose, and balance in their lives through learning about the power of thought, belief and how that helps shape their lives. This helps them helps them awaken to their authentic selves and find their strength through discovering their personal spiritual life paths.

For many years in my personal life, I have walked a Goddessian Path, wherein I have honored the Sacred in all Her diverse ways, and I have done that as a high priestess of my spiritual path of the Goddess, the beautiful rose-colored glasses of  Divine Feminine. It has been an extremely enlightening and empowering path to journey through. When I was able to, as a woman, see myself as part of the Divine (or God) and not through a man or being “the glory of man” while “man is the glory of God” my entire world changed.

I recognized my sacredness as a woman, and I was no longer ashamed of my natural processes as such that I had been taught to be ashamed of, by culture and society. I understood that as a woman, as a natural born fully identifying female, I began to love my precious, naturally curvaceous, and rounded female body and everything that it could do. My wholly and holy female body is powerful, strong and it is made perfect.

The more I discovered, the more I learned, a natural mindset shift began to happen. I began to see, like Eve in the garden of Eden, after she ate of the fruit of the tree of Knowledge, that I was naked, female and perfect.

And it was good.

I understood that I too, as a woman, was like God, a powerful creatrix able to bring forth life from my body. It was no longer seen or experienced as an ordinary thing! I then delved deep into women’s mysteries, women’s spirituality and became a supporter of all things feminine and have lived in a way that has exalted women, through the spiritual path and practices of the Divine Feminine.

I began to teach these very concepts in my own spiritual gatherings and women’s circles. Women would come from all over once and month and we would share metaphysical, mystical and mystery teachings of the earth and the Divine Feminine in sacred space. We would share our journey’s, adventures and other teachings of womanhood, and relationships with our Divine selves as women that served to encourage and empower one another to find our passion and really step into our power as sacred women, daughters of Goddess. We also forged powerful bonds of sisterhood along the way.

It came as no surprise that I would later become a certified Holistic Life Coach and later, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, as living a Goddessian, earth-centered and holistic lifestyle pretty much goes hand-in-hand. I also became certified as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming because the mindset is the key to changing what we think and how we think to remove limiting beliefs that prevent us from achieving our dreams.

I realized that the I was not just a “life coach”. I wasn’t just a ‘health coach”, I was not just a “spiritual coach” or “holistic life coach” although I am certified in all. I couldn’t figure out what kind of coach I was but I knew, without a doubt that “spiritual” was part of that.

And I’m not talking about spiritual that has to do with religion. Or any Tarot card readings, or Oracle readings, or Angels and ascended beings or master teachers although, I may use those tools and information in my coaching process to help facilitate the changes and growth my clients wish to achieve. But they are simply tools. Modes of transportation for moving from our lower self to our higher Self.

I’m talking spiritual that has everything to do with the mind-body-emotional-soul connection kind of spiritual. The kind of spiritual that puts the desire in your heart to seek more because you know there is so much more than what we experience on a mundane level.

I am so passionate about the spiritual, about holistic health and wellness that I blended the niches into one. Because this is what fit me. It was only natural.

Holistic Spiritual Health & Wellness 

This blended niche is who I am, what I do and the people I serve. It’s who I’ve always served. Now in a different capacity that instead of me giving wisdom, and teaching, I am holding space, asking the right questions that allows for my clients to come into their own and trust their inner guidance systems or their higher self.

As I said, I am passionate about it. I am passionate about living a happier, more joyful, radiant and abundant life and I know that starts with getting ourselves in balance, and removing blocks that stop our natural spiritual flow. It’s about finding that balance of being in our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual being through right thought, right action, the right kinds of food and exercise that nourish our body and are kind to it and so much more.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated and lived with happiness and bliss.

I do believe that everything in life is a ritual waiting to be celebrated and honored in one way or another. I live a ritualistic, celebratory and wonderfully magical life, seizing every opportunity I can, to in some way, share this magical view of this incredible universe we live in with those who are open and willing to receive it.

This is why I’m here.