How To Fight For Change Like The Wise Ones

“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.” -Mother Teresa838305


I think of her this morning and her wise response as I think about all those going through turmoil wishing to fight against this or that or something else. While I have an empathetic heart, I can’t help but think that if we “fight against” something, all that will do will draw more energy towards that something no matter what it is and that thing will only grow bigger and stronger because of it.


If we really want to see change, then we must “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatama Gandhi. Powerful. 




What kind of fighting style is this you ask?

“You can call it the art of fighting without fighting.” -Bruce Lee
Enter the Dragon, 1973

Totally kick ass.


Things to make you go hmmm….




Self-Discovery: Layers of Truth

One of the many goals of spirituality is self-discovery. It is not necessarily about believing or disbelieving in the existence of what most of us refer to as “God” of Christian origin or any other Gods. It’s not so much about learning new ideas but rather re-membering the wisdoms we have long forgotten.

These wisdoms are ubiquitous and expressed in every day language cleverly disguised in song and poetry; in wise sayings, proverbs and axioms that all point to this knowledge. It permeates the fabric of our culture. As common as this wisdom is to the majority these wisdoms are nothing more than a few well strung together sentences that make for a little intellectual stimulation and little else. Their deep, powerful and life changing meaning remain hidden to most people right in plain sight!  Apart from the cerebral massage with the occasional ah-ha moment and pause for reflection, these ancient esoteric wisdoms elude most human minds. However, these wisdoms are not lost in any way but remain exactly where they mean to be; hidden except from those who have eyes and ears to see and hear and follow beyond the temporary “ah-ha” moment.

Those who can see and hear what others cannot are those to whom the next layer of the onion like mystery unfolds. In the beginning, one only experiences the outer layer of mystery. As their consciousness begins to open and expand, layer on layers of mystery, like an onion, peel back revealing an ever unfolding mystery. This leaves one to find deeper truth and meaning in each.


First however, we must be willing to surrender to the higher Self. This means to accept that we don’t know everything .Then we begin to re-member what we have forgotten.

All this new-old wisdom revealing its deeper hidden secrets to us is utterly astounding. On our journey we find ah-ha moment after another as our consciousness continues to expand in awareness. We find that truths we are discovering are difficult and sometimes, outright frightening. As the wisdoms show themselves to each person, it is understood they are not mere cerebral massages good for intellectual and philosophical discussions but rather opportunities that challenge us to put into action these life altering wisdoms. The teachings are now understood to the keys to generate extraordinary changes in all aspects of ones life. There is no turning back.

The wool is no longer over your eyes; the veil has been lifted and the curtain pulled. An even deeper truth is realized; what was once thought was real is realized to be illusion and what was thought of as illusion is actually very real!


We begin to vanquish all earlier ideas about appearances, the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the rich, the poor and surrender to truth of Oneness. We realize that there is no man behind the curtain in Oz. There is only us. We are the man behind the curtain controlling everything.


We understand that we aren’t in Kansas anymore.


Now that I have addressed the nature of the mysteries a bit, (and I could go on) this post isn’t a wisdom teaching. It’s true, it is coded and there are many great points to think about and investigate further. I’ve left plenty of crumbs to follow that might lead you down a rabbit hole as well but the fact is, I am laying down a bit of ground work before I launch into what I really want to write about, which is me.

Samhain 2011 was the most powerful and intense thus far on my spiritual journey. I was challenged to realize that I was vibrating from my lower (ego) self. This truth was such a difficult thing for me to begin to accept that I wasn’t sure I would be able to make the journey to transcend the ego. At first, I fought it feverishly; I resisted and sidestepped along the way because I (ego) didn’t want to accept this because in doing so meant giving up control.

I felt that if I embraced this truth about myself, then I would have to deal with it and all the emotions and everything that comes along with it and the fact of the matter is I was afraid. I was terror stricken. I felt if I let go then I would literally fall apart. Like The Fool card in Tarot, I had no idea what lie before me, I had no idea where I was going to end up if I chose to proceed and if I did, I was going to have take a leap of faith.

So I did, right off a cliff. And I survived.

. Fool


In fact, I find that I’m vibrating at a higher energetic level than I once was and my natural intuitive ability has only increased ten-fold. I realize that it is because my higher Self is freer to communicate with my mind because I’ve gained control over my lower body and ego. Sometimes though, I feel I’m receiving almost more than I can process at one time and I am about to go into in to a circuit over-load. Fortunately, I’m able to push through the panic and communicate my insights easily.

This hasn’t been an easy walk in the park. I’ve had to wrestle with so many emotions, thoughts and come face-to-face with enormous truths that I thought I would just die from feeling so much at one time.  There is nothing more terrifying than coming into the awareness that the creative, all Seeing Eye of the universe sees, hears and answers all of your desires, your thoughts and responds to your actions.  The realization that all that manifested in your life is a direct result of your own deep desires or fears which are sometimes so clouded they are one in the same. You are forced to face that which may be an ugly truth; that there is nothing and no one to blame for your current life situation but you.

Yes, I know how difficult of a lesson this is! Most people I know can’t deal with or accept that. They still need an out. But this is because this is nothing more than a trapping of their ego which serves only to block them from discovering their highest self. Those who truly understand this wisdom understand that there is no one else but us. We have the power. We’ve had the power all along. We have the power to create the changes that led us here in our current life circumstances therefore we have the power to change our life in whatever way we choose.

This is Truth- Believe or Don’t. The choice is and has always been your own.


The difference in me today than all those years ago when I was steadily making choices and creating, shaping and molding my today was that now I’m aware of the amazing power I have. Then I was not. Certainly, it is true there were and continues to be certain and particular circumstances and other people’s choices that played a part in affecting me in some way or another that I didn’t ask for but happened anyway. As we know, everyone has “free-will” and infringing upon mine was an act of their own. Today, I realize it was not so much how they infringed upon my freewill and took something from me, no matter how painful it might have been but it was and remains a matter of personal response and reaction. The question became, “How much of my power am I  willing to let them continue having over me and my feelings?”

After realizing that although the situations were long over and the people gone from my life and in a normal view perspective, I was over it,  the truth was I was not. I was still suffering, willingly–unconsciously but willingly all the same—by allowing these transgressions to still dictate my choices in how I live my own precious life! Again I questioned myself:

How much longer was I willing to let them and their actions to continue dictating and shaping the rest of my life?

However, once I was able to come to the shivering truth that I alone am responsible for all that has happened in my life, for all the choices I’ve made and the result thereof, whether the results be good, bad or somewhere in between. I’m responsible for it and that in and of itself is one of hell of a powerful realization on so many levels—I also finally was able to realize that I have the power to create my life how I want it now. In this moment I am creating my future. I embrace it.

And So It Is!

Choice: A Transformative Tool of Power

Most of us fancy ourselves “free thinking” and “free-spirited” people. It is an ideal thought  but is it really true? We say, “I don’t care what anyone else thinks of me.” but yet we tend to often go out of our way to please other people, to seek their acceptance and approval. How do we do this and still “Not care what anyone thinks”? Because in truth, we care. We have chosen to believe that what we think deep down isn’t quite good enough. We need the validation and acceptance of others. We aren’t truly free thinking people until we can accept that we really are free thinking — that we are 100% responsible for our own thoughts and feelings that come as a result.


No one else can ever make us think or feel anyway unless we want to. A kind word and a smile doesn’t automatically set your day off beautifully unless you choose to think it a kind gesture and allow it to touch you positively. The same goes someone who says something intentionally rude to you; it can not ruin your day, piss you off or hurt your feelings unless you choose to allow it that space to do so.

The universe is a giver. In fact, I think the Universe is like the over indulgent parent, endlessly giving to us anything we want but not necessarily what we need. It’s like an infinite reflective pool giving us everything it sees inside of ourselves as what we truly want. And so it gives us just that. “What you put out is what you get” and so many other ubiquitous sayings out there give example to this concept.

Ultimately then, understanding this, we can see that it is we who are responsible for our lives the way things are. We can see that the ills of the world, death & dis-ease are only manifestations of the reflections of who we are as a collective people, a huge thought-form and entity on the inside. It’s all being reflected and given back to us.

That’s a huge pill to swallow. Many choke on it and go crying victim but they are truly only victim of the poor choices that they have made!

The truth of it is and ever shall be is that it is we who have chosen to think and believe in ways in which the universe reflects back at us. We hold on to anger, guilt and shame and many of us are so unforgiving of old wounds we still carry them deep inside. It is that toxic build up that we carry deep inside of ourselves, at a cellular level, releasing the poisonous chemicals into our blood stream with every negative thought and feeling we choose to hold on to. We do this by choice. The universe sees this as what we want and as the ever-loving, over indulgent parent it is, reflects all of this back into our lives and into the world to manifest exactly as we believe, think and feel it.

It’s a heavy thing to accept and yet, not everyone wants the responsibility for their own feelings, it’s still far easier to blame others and hold them responsible for their unhappiness. Can you see how much personal power is given away to others each time we do this?


We can change our thoughts and what we believe about ourselves and change our lives and change the world for the better if we want it. The idea that others have all this power over us is an illusion that we buy into–others no matter who they may be, family, friends, boss, the government etc…truly only have as much power as we give them over us. It’s time to step up and recognize our own power. We are not victims unless we choose to be.

Choices. They are powerful things. And they are ours to make. If you’re not happy with your life,  Stop blaming God, other people, or the world today and start making better choices. The power to choose is in your hands.

In Love & Magic,





Give What You Want To Receive

“Random Shiny Insight:

You have to give what you want to receive. If you want love then give love. Become love. If you want attention then give attention, if you want support, then give support, if you want respect then give respect etc..

Nothing in life is free. Not even love. You have to be willing to let go, surrender to fear, to move through it and come out on the otherside in the powerful place of love. Everything has “a price” you see.

We create endless, hopeless, destructive cycles for ourselves all the time that get us no where —“They don’t give to me, so I don’t give to them.” — Where does that attitude get anyone?  Irritated, upset and even at heart, bitter. Yet, most of us are content to stay stuck, whining, crying about how awful life is all the while denying it. Some of us want unstuck, we just don’t know how to go about it so we stay spinning our wheels like a rat in a cage. I want you to know, there is a way out. Come closer and I will tell you.

It’s called a “Conscious Choice” to Change. It’s where we take that leap of faith and choose for ourselves what we want to see, feel, experience and be.

“Where focus goes, energy flows.” 

It is this choice that allows us to stop clinging tightly to the fear that has such power to make us unhappy, angry and bitter people. By gently releasing the fear, it is able to be transformed into its opposite~~Love. The place of Love is a place reciprocity; the more we give the more we receive and the more we change for the better, therefore the world around us changes too. For the better! This endless, never ending cycle of LOVE is not one we get “stuck” in but one we flourish in, grow and transform into our best selves!

So do it with me– you know who you are..

Big breath, inhale courage, strength and honesty and exhale all fear. Now move forward and step softly into your brilliant, radiant light and shine! That light is Love. Feel it flow, bask in it, absorb it and let it fill your whole being. Now, with a heart swollen and overflowing with Love, in this moment begin to GIVE what it is you want to receive. Shine that love light out there. Shine bright as the sun!

I feel it and reflect it back to you! Do you feel it?

Now you are creating a never ending cycle of positive, unfolding and flowing love. The world is already becoming a better place because of it!

“Keep on Shining your love.”

~ end Random Shiny Insight”

— Aura

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I Am Persephone Too

Mother and Maidens, 2003

I am beginning to understand my teenage daughters need for independence. It’s taken me quite a bit to get this understanding as they are coming into their own. Admittedly, I feel hurt and betrayed that they seem to not appreciate my advice or input when they share something with me, or when I want to know whats going on with them and it seems like a bother. I only share with them because I love them and I want them to know what might lie ahead for them, depending on the topic. I don’t mean to imply they aren’t capable of grasping anything on their own, it’s just that I am the older one, I have been there and I know what to expect. So I share it and yet, they do not seem to appreciate. Oh these Persephone’s of mine and me the ever wailing Demeter!

Forever Persephone, Always Demeter

I have crones in my life to whom I am very close to. I often speak to them about matters such as this and many other things. Sometimes I seek advice, sometimes I don’t. Recently I was sharing something with one of them and as soon as I was finished, she counseled me on what it is I should do. First of all, I didn’t ask for counsel, I was simply sharing. I felt myself feeling resentful and wanting to say, “Yeah, yeah, OK, I get it, you’re older, you may be wiser than me but do you always have to tell me everything all the time? Can’t I just figure some things out for myself? I’m not an idiot and while I appreciate your efforts, I don’t need you holding my hand.” Of course, I never said that. But I wanted to.

Then it hit me. I am Persephone too! I began to understand where it is my daughters are coming from. It isn’t that I don’t love these old crones in my life, but I want and more importantly, need to learn and experience things on my own. When and if I am  lost and need advice, I will ask for it. I don’t need to be lectured on every little thing I say and do for every opinion I share. I rebel against them, I kick back, I sometimes gently snap or growl and sometimes I just cut them off completely for a while. Just like my daughter’s sometimes do to me. As far as the older two go, that is just putting it nicely.

I am finally, after going to what felt like war at times with my two oldest daughters, (19 and 22 who have since moved out) beginning to get it now. I am my own Persephone and I want to run, walk, talk and do things on my own without my ‘mothers’ telling me what to do. With this realization and new found wisdom I will be better able to pull back and give my three younger maidens the freedom and space they need to grow, make decisions and even fall on their face in order to learn. I will be there in reach when they need me, should they need me.

What I Learned

I have raised and am raising strong, independent, intelligent young women. I  understand now that I need to step back and “let go the reigns” so to speak. I do not need to guide them so much but trust that what I have instilled in them as children and young women is very much within them and in that way, a part of me will always be guiding them. I have to have faith that the decisions they make will be for their best interest and when they are not, I will have to let them deal with what may come as well or else all of my teaching them to take responsibility for their actions will have been for nothing.

No matter how difficult things have gotten in the past or how difficult they may get in the future, I have to hold my ground and have faith in the amazing women my daughters will become. All five of them.

Cross Roads

Here I stand at the crossroads once again; Hecate has called for me and laid the choice before me. She stands at the threshold of life and death. She offers to me death to one choice and all the possibilities that went with it and yet She offers life to the other choice and all the endless possibilities with it. To say yes to one thing is to say no to another. But the choice is mine and mine alone. She demands I make it. So then it is fair to say that life and death then are in my hands. What a rich concept to try to wrap one’s mind around! But then, if we are to accept that we are but a thread of this Divine Cosmic Force, then we must accept our own power which is never really our own because although we are indeed individuals, we are not truly our own but a single thread of the fabric that weaves this entire universe and any universe within and without it.

We are but one tiny individual expression of the Greatness that is yet we are of the SAME source. We could say that you are part of me, and I am part of you and we are part of one another and as part of one another we are part of the Divine Creative Source. Can you feel me flow through you like the rivers flow through the valley? Can you feel me in your breath as the rushing wind sweeps past you? Can you feel me warm your heart like the fires of Beltane? I can feel you. I can feel Her, I can feel it the Divine Cosmic Force that is in every molecule, every atom it is in fact, our very DNA. It is like the single rain drop that falls upon the hood of a car…tapping the hood causes vibrations and the vibrations causes as separation from Source, which is the the rain drop. Now you have 100 smaller individual rain drops and although they appear to be “individual drops” they are really but part of the SAME source. Vibrate some more and they could roll right back into that same source not unlike what we shall do when we cross behind the veil. The simple truth is that we live out our lives in the illusion of separateness.

I am of the thought that religion (regardless what it is) is for deepening our own understanding of Spirit, and of our Selves in that process our knowledge is deepened and our aim is for all of us to come together again, to merge back into the original being and become the One we truly are beneath the surface. “We call come from the Goddess, like a drop of rain flowing to the ocean” type of thing but only after we experience what it is to LIVE and in order to live we must experience life. Our lives are but an amazing culmination of “experiences” that shape us, that mold us and that even cause to remember things that we have forgotten when we crossed over from the spirit world into the physical. And although we are of Spirit, and Spirit is of us, and that we ARE Spirit, it takes this journey of experiences to the end of our physical days to perhaps begin to understand this concept and even then we are without a clue. It is like the beginner on the path of the wise who gets all the tools, learns all the “spells” and dresses in all the witchy regalia until after years of growing in knowledge to understand that they never needed any of that stuff to begin with. The catch is they needed it to help them learn they never needed it. ~~~~Ah but I digress and that is a topic that deserves a post dedicated entirely to it and today, this is about the Cross Roads in my life.

So here I am again, facing the choices set before me. Either choice I make will shape and change my future forever; closing the door on some opportunities yet, allowing me endless others. Hecate, She beckoned me here to this spot where I stand today. It’s all part of the process, of remembering who I am and where I truly long to be which is closer to the truth that is me, that is the Self that is the Higher consciousness, the One, the Source which is Love. I am challenged in that this quest is done in the physical body that I have, but it is my soul that is called forth, demanded to make that decision of where I go from here, how close I get or from what angle I come into my knowing. I have come to realize that on my spiritual journey that this body that contains my spirit is not me; it is in fact the vessel in which my spirit which descended from Divine Source, as did all of us walking the earth plane, can be allowed to experience many different experiences but which experiences is chosen by me.

If I only knew the secrets of my own soul, the memories that are forbidden to me my choice would be easy. Or would it? Or would I be blinded by a knowing the outcome of my choices that I would not make the choice at all? But Hecate, She demands this choice of me, She shines Her light upon my choices, but not of the outcome of each choice for that is left up to me to experience. I must chose or else be at a standstill, rot, stagnate and die. As a priestess, I must face this challenge and in my own fear show courage in the midst of it; pray and meditate and ask for instruction from my spirit guides who never fail me if only I trust in them.

My choices are not really just “my choices”, they are choices for the development of my soul however, whatever I may chose will indeed affect others lives around me not just my own. My life is affected in that I made the choice, others will be affected because of my choice but they will be affected if I make NO choice. ……

This is what it is to suffer to learn..