More Love Is More Power




Seriously, I’ve been thinking about it a lot. People have such issues with the word power it’s almost taboo to say, “I am a powerful being.” I suppose it’s all a matter of perception, and how the word power makes you feel because of that perception. I’ve never been afraid of that word or intimidated by it to soften it up by having to say, “I am an empowered woman.” No, I like to say that:

“I am a powerful woman.”
” I have the power to create the life I want to live.”
” I have the power to bring my deepest, most passionate desires into being in the here and now.”images


It’s true, at this point in my life, I am stepping into my power, and I feel it flowing through me. What a delicious feeling it is to be standing in this place of power that is mine, and to feel it pulsating through me, and knowing that I hold this power to do and achieve anything I desire with all my heart. I am coming into realizing how powerful I really am, and how much more I can be.


Power is nothing but unrealized potential and raw energy and remains so until you tap into it. Then it becomes active, and used properly can help you achieve whatever your heart desires. It’s such a simple concept, too simple I think, and remains hidden in a cloak of simplicity from those not ready to step into their place of power, and receive it.


I remember at one point I didn’t have much of it, and what I did have I gave away to other people. I was too young, too naive, and scared to stand up in my power, speak my truth. In fact, I didn’t have a truth to speak because I felt I had no place, therefore was I was ignorantly powerless.

Even when I was having my first daughter at the tender age of 18, I was told by her father’s mother to name my baby Jessica. I hated that name as for as far back as I could remember. Jessica. I thought what an ugly name! I hated it. But her father’s mother, a pretty powerful woman in her own right, used her power over me because of course, I let her. I let her because I didn’t recognize I had power of my own and thus, I caved and named my first-born Jessica.


She thought she was in control to the point of even when I went into the nursery to see my baby girl for one of first times I could get out of bed on my own, she tried to prevent me from being near her. Jessica was in one of those incubators where you could put your hands inside to touch her. As I reached in to touch my daughter that I’d given birth too just hours earlier, her grandmother stood over me and in front of all of my friends who were also there to see me and my new-born baby girl, swatted my hand away, telling me to “Leave her alone, let her sleep!”


That’s when what little power in the guise of a “fuck you” out of embarrassment and rebellion inside of me took over and told her to “Back off, I’ll touch MY baby if I want to”. Her interference with my oldest daughter from literally before she was even out of the womb has had a major impact on the relationship between Jessica and I. Over the years I felt powerless to do too much of anything but rebel in a negative fashion which wasn’t healthy for neither my daughter or myself.

But as they say, “That was then, this is now”.

Things are much different. I know what I think I am even though I’m so much more than my mind can fathom. I know that within me, within my Soul is the essence of the Divine Spirit, and that is pure power. For me, that power is Love, the most powerful of all. The Only Power.

Therefore all things that come from it are good.

When I think of power, I think of that Force that once tapped into allows me to stand in it, filling with me with the awareness that I am truly the one who is making my own choices, whether it’s to be miserable, sad, and poverty minded therefore being all those things. Knowing that I have, unconsciously, made those previous choices many times over that left me unhappy, unhealthy, miserable and financially poor.Power


I now make the conscious and deliberate choice to be happy, to be filled with a sense of joy, and ecstasy, to be of a pure blissful mind with the realization is that what is, has already been created–I am no “co-creator” as I’ve created nothing. Rather, I choose to align myself with that specific vibration, to be in a place to receive health, happiness, joy, and experience the bliss of great financial abundance–that is my right. That is the power of my choice, that is my gift, my gift of choice. My awareness of that fact is power.

From that Power that is Love, all things that come from it are good.



This song I’ve posted with lyrics, “More Love, More Power” by Jeff Deyo is a song that really gets to the heart of me. At its heart, it is a Christian song. Although I do not identify as a Christian, I honor, and respect the teachings of Jesus and everything he symbolizes as much as Buddha, Goddess and any other mystic holy teacher. This song speaks so directly into my Soul, of who I am and what I want and need in my life.

More Love, More Power. 

Many times I listen to this song I am filled with such overwhelming emotion I cry. I just let the tears flow out. I don’t just hear music but I feel the intensity of it. I don’t just hear the words, I absorb them, take them into myself like a sponge because these are the affirmations of my world at any given moment. He writes, “More Love, More Power, More of You In My Life”

For Jeff Deyo, that is Jesus. Jesus is Love, Jesus is the Power. For me, it’s Love, it’s Power they are one in the same and everything good and right. This is my Soul’s affirmations in song. I hope you enjoy it as well.


Only Love. That’s All.


 “The heart has its reasons which reason knows not.” ―Blaise Pascal

Seasons come and seasons go and several seasons of silence have come and went since I’ve taken a moment to share the whisperings of my soul. It’s not that I haven’t  been listening to the wisdom that my soul shares with me but rather that I wasn’t ready to share it. I wrote this piece about 8 or 9 months ago inspired by a journey of Enchanted Love I found myself falling in only a year earlier before that.

Soul Twins
Soul Twins

I was swirling and swooshing in an ocean of cosmic energy this Enchanted Love created at the point of when I was moved to initially write this. I tried to share it then but the knowing within me wouldn’t allow it. So I didn’t. I read it over and I just knew it wasn’t time to share. I realized I had written it all for me. Whether I wanted it or not, I definitely needed it to take the time to contemplate it, understand it, integrate and assimilate the wisdom my soul had to share with me. Now though, although I am still floating in this great fantastic sea of Enchanted Love, (never to see dry land again!) I feel moved to share with you here, the whisperings of my soul.


The experience that led me to write on this topic in the first place has been and continues to be a deeply profound, mystical and an intricately delicate unfolding discovery on a soul level.  Earlier this month, after two-in-a-half years since it all began, I finally came face to face in-the-flesh with the One, my Enchanted Lover, and that experience has forged an understanding into my being, seared an eternal knowing on my heart that has forever changed me for the better. It is this understanding and knowing, far beyond romantic love, that is my own and that I’m sharing with all of you Radiant Souls here. Naturally of course, with Love.


This Thing Called Love. What Is It?



I have never thought that I would write a post asking the question “What is Love?”  Why would I want to? Our greatest minds and philosophers through the ages have pondered and attempted to answer or simply contemplated and shared their thoughts and views on perhaps one of the greatest questions in life so really, why would I want to add my little insignificant thirteen cents into the mix?

Because like so many of us, love has captured, entranced and spellbound me too. I want to share what my discovery and understanding of love in general, especially romantic love, is at this point in my journey has revealed to me so far.


I know there are people who want love so much so they are willing to do anything to get it. And I mean anything, even depreciating themselves just to touch it. Yet, there are others who don’t believe love would come to them if they drew Love a map to their heart and gave Her a flashlight to find her way in the dark! And then there are those who are as afraid of opening their heart to Love as most of us are afraid of death. Death can come at any time at any place and there is not stopping it.  And yet Love is something many people believe they can manipulate, control even wish for and make happen.

How wrong they are!

So then, what is love? The reality is no one really knows for sure but everyone thinks they have a clue. Yet the moment you try to define it, it becomes limited, at least how it will manifest itself and be recognized by the person setting the limits. Love is a constant indescribable force but if you think you know what it is and it presents itself to you in some other way not expected, it can really knock you off your feet!


“Love is the heartbeat of the universe, the glue, the thread, fabric, and force that holds it all together. Love is the eternal. The eternal is love. Nothing lasts forever except that which is eternal, and that is Love.”

My experience and observations have led me to my current belief, whether or not we experience love is according to our own views, ideas, and perceptions of it. I think that perhaps it’s true, that maybe for many of us who have been waiting, looking and wanting love desperately that love may have been (and still may be) in our face for some time but because our ideas of what we think and believe love to be has caused us to miss the magic carpet ride. How so? Because  love may have walked right in, tapped us on the shoulder and whispered our name but because of the expectations and ideas we hold to what we believe love is, we don’t recognize the current attire  love may be wearing because we expect it to be wearing a different pair of shoes, jacket, and tie. Maybe even driving a Porsche. unexpectedLove

We must let go of our ideas of what we think and believe “love is” because Love is like God. Indescribable. Limitless. Unfathomable on the whole of everything. Everywhere and no one place at once; uncontrollable, can not be captured but only given and received; touches lives and changes everything. Infinite, eternal, beyond total comprehension.

“Love is God”


But we know when we finally awaken to the experience of it. We know when love has touched the center of our being. And we are changed forever.


Death & Love

It’s believed by some, myself included, that death is not an end, but rather it is the deepest consciousness of the soul. To experience the deepest of all consciousness we leave the physical world behind

Love, however, is a consciousness experienced by the living. But Love is the eternal therefore, I questioned,  it must be experienced in death as well. This so-called deepest of consciousnesses is the final mystery and experience that takes place only when we travel through the corridors of the conscious mind, passing through the gateway from waking consciousness to the vast nothingness on the other side we call death. But this is not the end. Only a new beginning.

Light Of Love


Thinking of this It made me think of all the people who’ve had near-death experiences and almost all of them who’ve had this experience say they felt like they were surrounded in this brilliant, white light and were overwhelmed with a feeling of such intense LOVE  it was indescribable to them! Ecstasy and bliss beyond incredible and more amazing than anything they ever felt in the waking conscious physical world.


This perplexed me and yet caused me to pause and consider this for a while.  I began to think then that perhaps the deepest of all consciousness is not death but Love. Therefore making the light in which was seen, felt and experienced by those who had a near-death experience is Love and it is this Love that is only reached beyond the consciousness of death. Therefore making Love the deepest of the deep of all consciousness.  It is a total and complete return to our origin: Love.


“Love is the ultimate force and breath of creation, the fabric and thread that weaves the entire universe, Death is then but a doorway that leads to the deepest of all consciousness and that is Love. From Love we are born and to Love we will return because Love is all there is.”


When I look at it from this perspective, death is not an end but a gateway to the beginning of the soul’s most incredible experience of Love in the continuum, the blissful happily ever after. Although the physical, conscious experience of love appears to end, the experience has only deepened to unknowable depths and lives on in eternity, in forever.

Transcending Love

So my final-for-now thought of love is this:

Love transcends all things; time, space, race, distance and age. Love is the needle, the thread and the weaver that weaves the fabric from which all hearts are made. Love is the fabric of the universe.

“Love is a permeating light flowing everywhere, in everything and everything is Love, therefore no one is without love but rather always in-love, surrounded by Love because Love is all there is.”

There is nothing that exists outside the realm of this cosmic, ever unfolding and flowing forth universe which is Love in and of itself, a constant giving, birthing and bursting forth and changing everything it touches, therefore changing itself. There is nothing to compare it to because it is all there is. Only Love.


And the great mystery is that Love is all there is.
Only Love.


~ May the wisdom of my soul resonate and speak to you on some level. May it give you a bit of hope, some peace but most of all, shine a light on you to remind you that you are never without Love. Ever.

In Love, Beauty, and Truth,


Self-Discovery: Layers of Truth

One of the many goals of spirituality is self-discovery. It is not necessarily about believing or disbelieving in the existence of what most of us refer to as “God” of Christian origin or any other Gods. It’s not so much about learning new ideas but rather re-membering the wisdoms we have long forgotten.

These wisdoms are ubiquitous and expressed in every day language cleverly disguised in song and poetry; in wise sayings, proverbs and axioms that all point to this knowledge. It permeates the fabric of our culture. As common as this wisdom is to the majority these wisdoms are nothing more than a few well strung together sentences that make for a little intellectual stimulation and little else. Their deep, powerful and life changing meaning remain hidden to most people right in plain sight!  Apart from the cerebral massage with the occasional ah-ha moment and pause for reflection, these ancient esoteric wisdoms elude most human minds. However, these wisdoms are not lost in any way but remain exactly where they mean to be; hidden except from those who have eyes and ears to see and hear and follow beyond the temporary “ah-ha” moment.

Those who can see and hear what others cannot are those to whom the next layer of the onion like mystery unfolds. In the beginning, one only experiences the outer layer of mystery. As their consciousness begins to open and expand, layer on layers of mystery, like an onion, peel back revealing an ever unfolding mystery. This leaves one to find deeper truth and meaning in each.


First however, we must be willing to surrender to the higher Self. This means to accept that we don’t know everything .Then we begin to re-member what we have forgotten.

All this new-old wisdom revealing its deeper hidden secrets to us is utterly astounding. On our journey we find ah-ha moment after another as our consciousness continues to expand in awareness. We find that truths we are discovering are difficult and sometimes, outright frightening. As the wisdoms show themselves to each person, it is understood they are not mere cerebral massages good for intellectual and philosophical discussions but rather opportunities that challenge us to put into action these life altering wisdoms. The teachings are now understood to the keys to generate extraordinary changes in all aspects of ones life. There is no turning back.

The wool is no longer over your eyes; the veil has been lifted and the curtain pulled. An even deeper truth is realized; what was once thought was real is realized to be illusion and what was thought of as illusion is actually very real!


We begin to vanquish all earlier ideas about appearances, the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the rich, the poor and surrender to truth of Oneness. We realize that there is no man behind the curtain in Oz. There is only us. We are the man behind the curtain controlling everything.


We understand that we aren’t in Kansas anymore.


Now that I have addressed the nature of the mysteries a bit, (and I could go on) this post isn’t a wisdom teaching. It’s true, it is coded and there are many great points to think about and investigate further. I’ve left plenty of crumbs to follow that might lead you down a rabbit hole as well but the fact is, I am laying down a bit of ground work before I launch into what I really want to write about, which is me.

Samhain 2011 was the most powerful and intense thus far on my spiritual journey. I was challenged to realize that I was vibrating from my lower (ego) self. This truth was such a difficult thing for me to begin to accept that I wasn’t sure I would be able to make the journey to transcend the ego. At first, I fought it feverishly; I resisted and sidestepped along the way because I (ego) didn’t want to accept this because in doing so meant giving up control.

I felt that if I embraced this truth about myself, then I would have to deal with it and all the emotions and everything that comes along with it and the fact of the matter is I was afraid. I was terror stricken. I felt if I let go then I would literally fall apart. Like The Fool card in Tarot, I had no idea what lie before me, I had no idea where I was going to end up if I chose to proceed and if I did, I was going to have take a leap of faith.

So I did, right off a cliff. And I survived.

. Fool


In fact, I find that I’m vibrating at a higher energetic level than I once was and my natural intuitive ability has only increased ten-fold. I realize that it is because my higher Self is freer to communicate with my mind because I’ve gained control over my lower body and ego. Sometimes though, I feel I’m receiving almost more than I can process at one time and I am about to go into in to a circuit over-load. Fortunately, I’m able to push through the panic and communicate my insights easily.

This hasn’t been an easy walk in the park. I’ve had to wrestle with so many emotions, thoughts and come face-to-face with enormous truths that I thought I would just die from feeling so much at one time.  There is nothing more terrifying than coming into the awareness that the creative, all Seeing Eye of the universe sees, hears and answers all of your desires, your thoughts and responds to your actions.  The realization that all that manifested in your life is a direct result of your own deep desires or fears which are sometimes so clouded they are one in the same. You are forced to face that which may be an ugly truth; that there is nothing and no one to blame for your current life situation but you.

Yes, I know how difficult of a lesson this is! Most people I know can’t deal with or accept that. They still need an out. But this is because this is nothing more than a trapping of their ego which serves only to block them from discovering their highest self. Those who truly understand this wisdom understand that there is no one else but us. We have the power. We’ve had the power all along. We have the power to create the changes that led us here in our current life circumstances therefore we have the power to change our life in whatever way we choose.

This is Truth- Believe or Don’t. The choice is and has always been your own.


The difference in me today than all those years ago when I was steadily making choices and creating, shaping and molding my today was that now I’m aware of the amazing power I have. Then I was not. Certainly, it is true there were and continues to be certain and particular circumstances and other people’s choices that played a part in affecting me in some way or another that I didn’t ask for but happened anyway. As we know, everyone has “free-will” and infringing upon mine was an act of their own. Today, I realize it was not so much how they infringed upon my freewill and took something from me, no matter how painful it might have been but it was and remains a matter of personal response and reaction. The question became, “How much of my power am I  willing to let them continue having over me and my feelings?”

After realizing that although the situations were long over and the people gone from my life and in a normal view perspective, I was over it,  the truth was I was not. I was still suffering, willingly–unconsciously but willingly all the same—by allowing these transgressions to still dictate my choices in how I live my own precious life! Again I questioned myself:

How much longer was I willing to let them and their actions to continue dictating and shaping the rest of my life?

However, once I was able to come to the shivering truth that I alone am responsible for all that has happened in my life, for all the choices I’ve made and the result thereof, whether the results be good, bad or somewhere in between. I’m responsible for it and that in and of itself is one of hell of a powerful realization on so many levels—I also finally was able to realize that I have the power to create my life how I want it now. In this moment I am creating my future. I embrace it.

And So It Is!

Choice: A Transformative Tool of Power

Most of us fancy ourselves “free thinking” and “free-spirited” people. It is an ideal thought  but is it really true? We say, “I don’t care what anyone else thinks of me.” but yet we tend to often go out of our way to please other people, to seek their acceptance and approval. How do we do this and still “Not care what anyone thinks”? Because in truth, we care. We have chosen to believe that what we think deep down isn’t quite good enough. We need the validation and acceptance of others. We aren’t truly free thinking people until we can accept that we really are free thinking — that we are 100% responsible for our own thoughts and feelings that come as a result.


No one else can ever make us think or feel anyway unless we want to. A kind word and a smile doesn’t automatically set your day off beautifully unless you choose to think it a kind gesture and allow it to touch you positively. The same goes someone who says something intentionally rude to you; it can not ruin your day, piss you off or hurt your feelings unless you choose to allow it that space to do so.

The universe is a giver. In fact, I think the Universe is like the over indulgent parent, endlessly giving to us anything we want but not necessarily what we need. It’s like an infinite reflective pool giving us everything it sees inside of ourselves as what we truly want. And so it gives us just that. “What you put out is what you get” and so many other ubiquitous sayings out there give example to this concept.

Ultimately then, understanding this, we can see that it is we who are responsible for our lives the way things are. We can see that the ills of the world, death & dis-ease are only manifestations of the reflections of who we are as a collective people, a huge thought-form and entity on the inside. It’s all being reflected and given back to us.

That’s a huge pill to swallow. Many choke on it and go crying victim but they are truly only victim of the poor choices that they have made!

The truth of it is and ever shall be is that it is we who have chosen to think and believe in ways in which the universe reflects back at us. We hold on to anger, guilt and shame and many of us are so unforgiving of old wounds we still carry them deep inside. It is that toxic build up that we carry deep inside of ourselves, at a cellular level, releasing the poisonous chemicals into our blood stream with every negative thought and feeling we choose to hold on to. We do this by choice. The universe sees this as what we want and as the ever-loving, over indulgent parent it is, reflects all of this back into our lives and into the world to manifest exactly as we believe, think and feel it.

It’s a heavy thing to accept and yet, not everyone wants the responsibility for their own feelings, it’s still far easier to blame others and hold them responsible for their unhappiness. Can you see how much personal power is given away to others each time we do this?


We can change our thoughts and what we believe about ourselves and change our lives and change the world for the better if we want it. The idea that others have all this power over us is an illusion that we buy into–others no matter who they may be, family, friends, boss, the government etc…truly only have as much power as we give them over us. It’s time to step up and recognize our own power. We are not victims unless we choose to be.

Choices. They are powerful things. And they are ours to make. If you’re not happy with your life,  Stop blaming God, other people, or the world today and start making better choices. The power to choose is in your hands.

In Love & Magic,





How I Discovered My Soul-Power

The word Heal is defined as: make healthy, whole, or sound; restore to health; free from ailment. bring to an end or conclusion, as conflicts between people or groups, usually with the strong implication of restoring former amity; settle; reconcile: They tried to heal the rift between them but were unsuccessful. free from evil; cleanse; purify: to heal the soul.

Lesson One: Breakthrough and Healing

Healing has been the journey of my soul in 2012 on many levels. The more I released, the more I healed and the more I learned about myself and about the mysteries of life.

I had prepared for it since Samhain 2011 when I called forth my Shadow Sister at the time of our annual Samhain Rites. Although I sought to consciously release many things and deal with issues that I’d been carrying around for years, I had no idea of the immense power of that which I was calling forth.

To prepare for the rites, we created masks to represent our shadows. The creation of the masks themselves were a ritual in and of themselves. We took our time with them, beginning weeks before the actual date of the rite. We got together at different times in the weeks leading up to the big day.

To really own these masks and what they represented for us individually, we decided no store bought mask would do. We wanted them to fit our face as our shadow is an individual as we are. We used Plaster of Paris wraps and Vaseline against our skin. Over the course of this month, we had several discussion about the so-called darker aspects of ourselves, how to recognize them, what they were and how we would represent them on our masks. This really helped with getting in-touch to those parts of self and enabled us to move on to the next part.

The Letters.

We wrote letters to our Shadows. Each one of us wrote our own letters to be read at the time of ritual, around a sacred circle and fire. And in the company of one another, we called them forth and acknowledged them. We asked that the shadows become our allies and dark teachers that would not break chains that bound us but rather that they be transformed into the knowledge that would empower us along our path. We then took our own mask from the sacred altar and wore it in circle until each had finished.

It was immensely powerful.

For me personally, it’s clear that there was so much more lurking beneath the surface than I ever imagined. And all of that just kept coming up, process after process into finally erupting into the big major emotional tsunami I had this past February.

I can’t articulate properly how I feel about all of the events that led up to that point. It’s indescribable really. The comments I have received on that particular post, (“My Suicide Circus”) and in my personal email of love and support have amazed me too and even reminded me what a seriously bad-ass warrior I really am.

It’s true, I did descend into my own darkness, into my own hell and face the shadows that held my soul captive. I faced those things –and they were some of the most difficult things I’ve ever faced–alone. Alone is the only way to face ones shadows.

After I shared that part of my journey to healing, to freedom, I believe it went over some people’s head. As I stated in that post, some would say they have been where I was, that they have walked in my shoes but the truth is, while our journeys are similar, each journey is indeed very individual.

Our journeys belong to only us and us alone.

 It was interesting the advice I received as if my posting was a request for help or a signal that I was breaking down and needed some kind of emotional rescue. No, that was the furthest thing from the case.

I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I was feeling everything that I was supposed to feel. Was it utter hell?

Fuck yeah it was.

But was it necessary? Yes it was. I needed to see all the power I never recognized I had and that I let be taken away from me as a young woman, mother and wife. I needed to acknowledge that there was no one else to blame and own it so that I could move on.

I received emails and messages from women who totally got what I was saying and then I received messages from women who clearly didn’t have a clue. I even received messages from women who tried to encourage me to ‘hang on’ and remind me that I was a good and strong and yadda, yadda, yadda…

Big Deep Sigh

I wondered whose post they read that they felt I needed their encouraging words and reminders that I was in fact worthy and don’t-be-so-hard-on-myself kind of thing because clearly, it wasn’t mine they read. Looking back I suppose they really did have the best of intentions.

That first week and the days in between I experienced one hell of an awakening on so many levels. Since then so much has been purged, released and the universe as it is, is not a vacuum and has been replacing what I released with such astonishing wisdom I can’t even begin to explain here lest I sound ‘crazy’ to the unprepared mind.

I’ve had mystical experiences one after the other, traversing the boundaries of multi-verse realities. Those who walk a mystical path will surely know what I mean. Those who do not will be those will be the ones who think me crazy. Interesting isn’t it? That when we don’t understand something or someone, it’s the other person’s fault. They’re the ones crazy, weird or strange–not that we just lack the understanding.

Having said that doesn’t mean I know something others don’t. What it means is that I understand things that others may not yet until their own consciousness expand and are able to have another layer of the mystery peeled back and revealed to them. So explanation is pointless.

It’s been said secrets can be told, but mysteries MUST be experienced. This is one of those mysteries. I know that the universe has shown me what I needed to know in my life to this point and I’m good with that.

Because of that breakthrough that I experienced, those dead dreams have been set free to manifest into something completely different. Some of those dreams remained and have been given new life again. It’s such a nice and wonderful feeling to understand that nothing truly dies, nothing is wasted like I once thought.

The journey never ends. It only changes direction.

And also because of that experience and everything that led up to that experience and after, my entire life focus has changed completely.

I now have direction where I really actually had none. I now know what it is I wanted to do with the rest of my life where before I was scared and wondered what could I do.

Now I ask myself, what can’t I do?!

I can do anything I want to. Nothing is impossible here; if it follows the laws of nature then there is nothing, and I mean nothing I can’t do.

Lesson Two: Self Limiting Beliefs & Magical Awareness

I joked with a friend the other day that if I wanted to meet a very famous, super sexy celebrity and hook up, I could do that too. One acquaintance decided that I might be far-reaching, perhaps even a little delusional.

What she was really saying is that she would never dream of the possibility of something like that happening for her so therefore no one else should dream of something like that either. Thankfully, I’m smart enough to understand that her comment meant to discourage me from my view point is really her issue entirely, not mine. And it certainly never discouraged me!

Having said all that, the purpose of using  a famous celebrity for an example  is really quite simple:

We are always denying our own dreams. We tell our children “Reach for the Stars” but then we give them a limit to which they can reach. We say, “You can do anything you put your minds to do” and at the same time we tell them, “Except that”. We continuously do the same thing to ourselves. We do it so much we don’t even know that we are doing it.

At that moment we kill the spark of fire that motivates us, that empowers us and totally feeds our desire to chase, follow and manifest and capture that dream.

So why again the celebrity example?

Simple. Because it’s the easiest thing to relate to at the moment for me in my life having three teenage girls who are crushing hard on their favorite Japanese Rock stars and who say the things that many of us have said when we’ve had our own celebrity crushes back-in-the-day, or even now– “He’s mine. I’m gonna marry him one day.”magic_is_real_poster-r378ae6a0c6db45518fbd4fd405fbb387_wjc_400

Yes, we laugh, we shake our head as if we know some sort of secret that they don’t. Often we even tell them, “OK, kid, dream on. You and ten million other young ladies” thinking we are doing them a favor by keeping them ‘grounded’ in this so-called reality. We never stop to think about how what we are really doing is telling them that dreams aren’t possible to achieve, we only say they are but we don’t really meant it.

Sure, the chances are it is a child-teen crush and that is a healthy and normal part of development but telling them it can’t really happen is in a very real way encouraging them not to believe in the power of their dreams later in life.

Laws of Nature

Celebrities are real people. They live here on earth. Sure they are in the movies, rock stars etc..and live in different places sometimes but the fact is, they are here in this world. And it is my thinking that if they are here in this world, then the possibility of a young girls dream of meeting one, falling in love and marrying them is real too.

We are talking about the fact that the possibility exists. This is the key word here.

The possibility of our beloved daughters meeting their dream crushes exists.There is nothing to stop it. Only the beliefs and attitudes that tell us we can’t are what stop us.

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it”– Walt Disney

I’m sure people thought Walt was crazy. But look what he achieved. Or Steve Jobs even.

So I ask myself , Why Not Me? Do you ask yourself, Why Not You?

I was watching my daughters goo-goo and gaah over their young, sexy J-Rockers and how much fun they (the rockers) were having in their private fan videos and a thought occurred to me,

Look how much fun they are having living their dream. Why do we not all live our dreams? Why do we not all, as Joseph Campbell said, ‘Follow our bliss’?

Again, that’s simple to answer too. It’s because we tell ourselves we can not. We make up excuses and accept the lies that society, that culture, and even our parents tell us because their parents told them the same and so forth down the line all believing this multi-generational lie.

Yet at the same time, all around us are people, books, television, magazines and gurus telling us, Go ahead! Co-create with the Universe! Live the Life you’ve always wanted!” Many people pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars going to self-help workshops, conferences and speaking events; taking classes, courses and anything else they hope might give them an edge in life and yet, they get a little further than no where.  We are constantly encouraged to be all we can be and that we can do it while simultaneously being told over and over again that we can not.  And although we’ll keep spending money taking classes, buying the latest self-help/spiritual book, or going to yet another empowerment workshop, it’s often the latter that we believe.

I’m tired of that. 

I see it for what it is. The mind is reality plain and simple. The universe is one big ginormous energy playground of endless potential available to all of us to jump in and start creating what we want.

If it follows the natural laws of the Universe then the possibility of whatever we want to exist. It can happen.

Will it happen is another story all together. Obviously its more than just saying and believing whatever you desire and dream is simply just going to happen. It’s not enough to dream them or dream big. We must put action behind them to bring them to life. But even before we can do that , we must first accept that whatever we can dream up, big or small, no matter how impossible it might seem CAN happen!! Once we do that, then we can take action and when we begin to take action we then move from a place of dreaming to bringing into our present reality.

Magic is as real as the air we breathe. Even if you don’t believe doesn’t stop magic from being real. Not believing only hinders you from achieving your dreams and receiving miracles. That’s not to say you’ll never achieve your goals or dreams or receive a miracle if you don’t believe. You’ll just have to work a little harder than the rest of us.

Love is Beautiful, Love is Truth,


Time Is Always Now

Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change. ~Thomas Hardy

Hickory, dickory dock, Aura bought herself a new clock.

The New Clock

The old wall clock stopped ticking despite replacing it with new batteries. It had ticked its last tock and that was it. It was its time. Pun totally intended.

The Old Clock

I still keep that old clock though on the wall. I should actually take it down and throw it away as it’s not ticked or tocked for quite some time, maybe even a year or longer.  But I think I keep it for sentimental reasons. It was one of the firsts for the house when we moved here six  years ago. And it’s always been a conversation piece by those non-earth spirited people. Especially when they glance up to see the time and gasp, “Oh that can’t be right?”.

Only twice a day it is. <Insert chuckle here>

I know the ticking of the clock seems unnerving to some people. Especially when they are trying to sleep. But for me its a sound of magic, of wonder and of contemplation. When I hear the ticking of the clock I know that I am in the moment, literally. That I am aware of the ticking of the clock means that I am tuning out everything else and listening to time tick. Whatever I am doing in that moment, in that second I become of conscious of trying to make it count.

It seems we are busy in one way or another, whether we are lost in the swamp of worry and trepidation located within our mind, of a future that has not yet come to pass or we are traveling back through other windows of time lamenting on what has already happened. Or perhaps we aren’t even thinking but are continuously on the go that we never slow down until we need to sleep.  In all that time we never hear the ticking of the clock yet the clock keeps on ticking, keeps on moving right into the future and that future is the now. Ticktock.

Usually when the noise is down in the house, the t.v is off, the kids are out and you aren’t lost in a haze of thoughts daydreaming is when you hear it. So many times we get caught up in our thoughts, our to do list and multi-tasking that we aren’t even conscious of present time. The now. Yet that clock still ticks the tock …ticktock, ticktock, ticktock …and sometimes it slips into our awareness but only on those occasions we slow down. Which might explain that the clock that always ticks and tocks doesn’t bother some until they lay down at night to sleep. Because that is the only time they slow down and become aware of now.

If you have a wall clock, how often do you really hear it? Honestly? What’s going on in your mind when you do actually hear it?

Are you one of those people who have a hard time grasping the whole “Being Present” concept? Well remember this:

When you are conscious of the ticking of the clock, you are in the constantly unfolding now. You are consciously in the present. 

I’ve been listening to this clock tick and tock and while I know it signifies that time is passing by, I feel more like I am drifting in and out of it; as each tick creates a present, it also creates a past. For a bit, I’m conscious of the ticking, I am in the now, when I’m not, the sound is gone because I’m somewhere else in my mind, in the past moments, years, thoughts or other places on the map of my memory but not here until I hear that ticking come into focus again.

Strange Awareness

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the ticking appears to be louder than other times? Especially when it seems like something has happened that has caused a shift in your emotions one way or another (but usually in a not-so-good-kind-of-way) and suddenly the only sound you hear is the clicking of the clock. That’s happened to me on plenty of occasions. I am inclined to think that it’s the universes way of saying, “This is a moment you will either cherish forever, wish to forget or shouldn’t forget”.

More Time Travel

Another thing that I’ve noticed about the whole concept of time is that watching the clock and waiting for one minute to pass can almost seem to take forever while at other times it seems to go too fast. Yet the clock and the tick and tock are still moving the same as they have been. So then it is we who seem to be moving forward or backward and appearing out of sync not “in beat” or present with current time. But all of these things are illusions of time. They don’t really exist except in how we perceive them to.  And yet, in the same token, it is the now that matters.

What Will You Do With Your Now? 

Whenever I ask people what they want out of life, most often the answer I get is, “I want to be happy.”  So I might ask them why are they not happy now and they usually have a list of what it is exactly they think they need and should have to be happy.  This probably stems from our being taught that happiness comes from external sources outside our own inner being.

The truth is happiness comes from within and exists in the Realm of Now. 

This means we don’t have to wait for the right job, perfect place and partner to be happy. The clock it ticks, it tocks and it reminds that time is in the here and now. Always now. 

Be Happy Now

Define your idea of happiness and create it. Create it now because now is a perfect time to do it. Don’t wait for an imagined perfect time to make yourself smile, to get some enjoyment out of your life wherever you are and whatever stage you are in.

I tell myself this every day. I will hum or sing out Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”  when I find myself pondering the “What If’s” and “Maybe if I have’s” in order to “finally be happy”. Yes, I have to consciously remind myself that I should not wait to be happy because my happiness comes from within and *not from my relationship to things.

This is true of all people, only we don’t realize it. We don’t need ice cream, money, a lover, a new car, etc., to be happy.  It is holding to that illusion of having this or that that actually prevents us from accessing our source of happiness from within in the here and now.  We can learn to swim the channels in our inner landscape and find the place where happiness exists and releasing it without trick or trigger. It might take a little practice to get good but hey, now is a  perfect time to start.

Blessings and Happiness!


I am here this morning, enjoying a cup of coffee and my cup of 7-Up. Not in the same cup, but yet I drink a sip of one then I sip the other. Some weird strange habit I’ve had for years. But I am totally aware of the vast difference between the two. One is hot, smooth full of flavor and the other, cool, wet and zingy.

One has caffeine, the other, “Never had it. Never will”.

The snowflakes are dancing in the air before they finally fall softly to the ground. The audience of bare trees that stand against a background of a white-blue sky just seem to watch with non caring stillness. These massive oaks have seen this dance of the snowflakes for untold years.

I feel the icy wind coming in through the cracks I thought I had sealed off with weatherizing tape. I glance over and still see the plastic sheeting still in its protective package, waiting to be taken and used to seal up the windows. Yes, I stopped at the tape because I was far to lazy to put up the plastic covering too. That takes work and we have a pretty decent size space for windows in the front of the house. Where I am now sitting and typing, the view is kinda small but it’s perfect for me to see the outside and I get a good vibe with what’s going on out there. Often what I see piques my curiosity so I get up and see and maybe even step out into what is happening with Nature, as I was a few moments ago.

This is my view of the world above my head as I write.

Yep, you didn’t know it but I paused and stepped out into what Nature has to share with me. A beautiful snow-covered canvas begging to be decorated.

Canvas of Snow

…And so it was!

The pic says it all


Introducing two of the three snow artists: In the photo is Atirah in the background and Sienna towards the front.

The Creative Team behind the "Love" snow decor

Actually, these two actively decorated the rest of the yard, while my daughter number 3, Amaris was actually the master mind who did the “Love” work. Regardless, that beautiful snow canvas did not go to waste! Not a minute was wasted enjoying that precious white fluff coming down from the heavens.

Even now as I write my head is fully here, aware of the feel of the keyboard sounds as they “click, click” away. The feel of them under my fingers and the dance music videos the girls are playing in the background. I hear the washer going, and I look over to my left and see the tea kettle on the stove readying itself to whistle.

Hot tea. In this moment, hot tea equals “Love”.

Yet, I am still enjoying my first cup of coffee so there will be no tea for me. My wonderful hazelnut coffee is a cup of warm, delicious cup of liquid nutty wisdom. For me, this too is “Love.” Incidentally,in Celtic lore and myth, the hazelnut is known as the “nut of wisdom.”

Speaking of Love

Love in this moment is me letting whatever thoughts I have pour out onto this screen. Love in this moment is understanding that this moment is all we have. It is the understanding that there is no future, so there is nothing to cling to or worry about. It is knowing that future is right here, right now in this moment. All we have is this moment; we are not promised another. By grace we continuously move into them. But until we are there, they do not belong to us therefore, leaving us with nothing to worry about. For me, knowing this wisdom is Love. It is freedom to simply be.

Being in the Moment

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people on Facebook sharing quotes on being mindful (which is awesome, I am a quote sharer too) and status updates that should be notes or even blog posts regarding the same. What I don’t see however, is the person having a sense of their own being but rather more of an intellectualizing of the topic.

(But that is what we Westerners do anyway. Over-intellectualize everything!)

Being in the moment is what it says; “Being”. Its action, not intellectualizing over it. 

Being in the moment  is so much more than just being aware of your present moment. It is a relinquishing of control to the moment. This means no more endless worrying about a future that does not exist and a past that does not matter. For many people, this is a really heavy concept and quite difficult to grasp. If they can grasp it, they can’t stand the idea of relinquishing control on any level; not being in a the passenger seat of a person driving the car let alone a single moment. And this is one of many reason why most people suffer.

Suffering is the first of the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism :

  1. Life is suffering
  2. The Origin of suffering is attachment
  3. The cessation of suffering is attainable
  4. The path to the cessation of suffering

Awareness of Self

Awareness of who you are isn’t a personal thing. We are the same. It might appear that we are different but that appearance is an illusion. Just as our being separate is. We all come from the Heart center of the universe and as that Heart center moves out into the world, pulsating, vibrating and emanating its light force out, that light takes on its own expressions and manifestations but it still the same. It is still One.


There Is Only the One

Like raindrops on the hood of a car, which through vibrations from the car or more rain, they have moved from the source puddle making a thousand smaller raindrops. It appears there are more drops but it’s only an illusion. We are the only One in the entire universe.

If we don’t have a sense of our own being, all the spiritual teachings in the world are nothing but a bunch of wasted words, the dream within the dream that misses the awareness of the dream.

But once you’re able to understand it and you ride that wave of understanding, you allow yourself a very special type of freedom that can bring a complete state of bliss. No worries, no stress, just minute by minute, going with flow.  (Did that song “Minute by Minute” by the Doobie Brothers pop into anyone else’s head or just mine?)

For the record, I’m not suggesting everyone be as Eckhart Tolle describes himself as having been in his book, The Power of Now and sit on a park bench for days on end without moving in a total states of bliss–(Personally, I think dude may have been tripping on acid myself but that’s another story altogether.) or to like the David Carradine’s character  Kwai Chang Caine in the t.v show “Kung Fu” and walk around from place to place living only moment to moment in whatever the world brings. It would be fascinating, exciting even but it’s certainly not practical for the times and world we live in.

Not all the time anyway. We can still “Be in the moment” and be mindful of life. We can still tend to our duties, pay our bills and take care of ourselves and family while we practice relinquishing control and letting go of our attachment to how each moment is coming.

If only for a few  moments today (or any day, even everyday if you can), want nothing, desire nothing, be nothing and exist in that state of nothing. Just Be. Just breath and flow into the Oneness that is you.