More Love Is More Power




Seriously, I’ve been thinking about it a lot. People have such issues with the word power it’s almost taboo to say, “I am a powerful being.” I suppose it’s all a matter of perception, and how the word power makes you feel because of that perception. I’ve never been afraid of that word or intimidated by it to soften it up by having to say, “I am an empowered woman.” No, I like to say that:

“I am a powerful woman.”
” I have the power to create the life I want to live.”
” I have the power to bring my deepest, most passionate desires into being in the here and now.”images


It’s true, at this point in my life, I am stepping into my power, and I feel it flowing through me. What a delicious feeling it is to be standing in this place of power that is mine, and to feel it pulsating through me, and knowing that I hold this power to do and achieve anything I desire with all my heart. I am coming into realizing how powerful I really am, and how much more I can be.


Power is nothing but unrealized potential and raw energy and remains so until you tap into it. Then it becomes active, and used properly can help you achieve whatever your heart desires. It’s such a simple concept, too simple I think, and remains hidden in a cloak of simplicity from those not ready to step into their place of power, and receive it.


I remember at one point I didn’t have much of it, and what I did have I gave away to other people. I was too young, too naive, and scared to stand up in my power, speak my truth. In fact, I didn’t have a truth to speak because I felt I had no place, therefore was I was ignorantly powerless.

Even when I was having my first daughter at the tender age of 18, I was told by her father’s mother to name my baby Jessica. I hated that name as for as far back as I could remember. Jessica. I thought what an ugly name! I hated it. But her father’s mother, a pretty powerful woman in her own right, used her power over me because of course, I let her. I let her because I didn’t recognize I had power of my own and thus, I caved and named my first-born Jessica.


She thought she was in control to the point of even when I went into the nursery to see my baby girl for one of first times I could get out of bed on my own, she tried to prevent me from being near her. Jessica was in one of those incubators where you could put your hands inside to touch her. As I reached in to touch my daughter that I’d given birth too just hours earlier, her grandmother stood over me and in front of all of my friends who were also there to see me and my new-born baby girl, swatted my hand away, telling me to “Leave her alone, let her sleep!”


That’s when what little power in the guise of a “fuck you” out of embarrassment and rebellion inside of me took over and told her to “Back off, I’ll touch MY baby if I want to”. Her interference with my oldest daughter from literally before she was even out of the womb has had a major impact on the relationship between Jessica and I. Over the years I felt powerless to do too much of anything but rebel in a negative fashion which wasn’t healthy for neither my daughter or myself.

But as they say, “That was then, this is now”.

Things are much different. I know what I think I am even though I’m so much more than my mind can fathom. I know that within me, within my Soul is the essence of the Divine Spirit, and that is pure power. For me, that power is Love, the most powerful of all. The Only Power.

Therefore all things that come from it are good.

When I think of power, I think of that Force that once tapped into allows me to stand in it, filling with me with the awareness that I am truly the one who is making my own choices, whether it’s to be miserable, sad, and poverty minded therefore being all those things. Knowing that I have, unconsciously, made those previous choices many times over that left me unhappy, unhealthy, miserable and financially poor.Power


I now make the conscious and deliberate choice to be happy, to be filled with a sense of joy, and ecstasy, to be of a pure blissful mind with the realization is that what is, has already been created–I am no “co-creator” as I’ve created nothing. Rather, I choose to align myself with that specific vibration, to be in a place to receive health, happiness, joy, and experience the bliss of great financial abundance–that is my right. That is the power of my choice, that is my gift, my gift of choice. My awareness of that fact is power.

From that Power that is Love, all things that come from it are good.



This song I’ve posted with lyrics, “More Love, More Power” by Jeff Deyo is a song that really gets to the heart of me. At its heart, it is a Christian song. Although I do not identify as a Christian, I honor, and respect the teachings of Jesus and everything he symbolizes as much as Buddha, Goddess and any other mystic holy teacher. This song speaks so directly into my Soul, of who I am and what I want and need in my life.

More Love, More Power. 

Many times I listen to this song I am filled with such overwhelming emotion I cry. I just let the tears flow out. I don’t just hear music but I feel the intensity of it. I don’t just hear the words, I absorb them, take them into myself like a sponge because these are the affirmations of my world at any given moment. He writes, “More Love, More Power, More of You In My Life”

For Jeff Deyo, that is Jesus. Jesus is Love, Jesus is the Power. For me, it’s Love, it’s Power they are one in the same and everything good and right. This is my Soul’s affirmations in song. I hope you enjoy it as well.



I am here this morning, enjoying a cup of coffee and my cup of 7-Up. Not in the same cup, but yet I drink a sip of one then I sip the other. Some weird strange habit I’ve had for years. But I am totally aware of the vast difference between the two. One is hot, smooth full of flavor and the other, cool, wet and zingy.

One has caffeine, the other, “Never had it. Never will”.

The snowflakes are dancing in the air before they finally fall softly to the ground. The audience of bare trees that stand against a background of a white-blue sky just seem to watch with non caring stillness. These massive oaks have seen this dance of the snowflakes for untold years.

I feel the icy wind coming in through the cracks I thought I had sealed off with weatherizing tape. I glance over and still see the plastic sheeting still in its protective package, waiting to be taken and used to seal up the windows. Yes, I stopped at the tape because I was far to lazy to put up the plastic covering too. That takes work and we have a pretty decent size space for windows in the front of the house. Where I am now sitting and typing, the view is kinda small but it’s perfect for me to see the outside and I get a good vibe with what’s going on out there. Often what I see piques my curiosity so I get up and see and maybe even step out into what is happening with Nature, as I was a few moments ago.

This is my view of the world above my head as I write.

Yep, you didn’t know it but I paused and stepped out into what Nature has to share with me. A beautiful snow-covered canvas begging to be decorated.

Canvas of Snow

…And so it was!

The pic says it all


Introducing two of the three snow artists: In the photo is Atirah in the background and Sienna towards the front.

The Creative Team behind the "Love" snow decor

Actually, these two actively decorated the rest of the yard, while my daughter number 3, Amaris was actually the master mind who did the “Love” work. Regardless, that beautiful snow canvas did not go to waste! Not a minute was wasted enjoying that precious white fluff coming down from the heavens.

Even now as I write my head is fully here, aware of the feel of the keyboard sounds as they “click, click” away. The feel of them under my fingers and the dance music videos the girls are playing in the background. I hear the washer going, and I look over to my left and see the tea kettle on the stove readying itself to whistle.

Hot tea. In this moment, hot tea equals “Love”.

Yet, I am still enjoying my first cup of coffee so there will be no tea for me. My wonderful hazelnut coffee is a cup of warm, delicious cup of liquid nutty wisdom. For me, this too is “Love.” Incidentally,in Celtic lore and myth, the hazelnut is known as the “nut of wisdom.”

Speaking of Love

Love in this moment is me letting whatever thoughts I have pour out onto this screen. Love in this moment is understanding that this moment is all we have. It is the understanding that there is no future, so there is nothing to cling to or worry about. It is knowing that future is right here, right now in this moment. All we have is this moment; we are not promised another. By grace we continuously move into them. But until we are there, they do not belong to us therefore, leaving us with nothing to worry about. For me, knowing this wisdom is Love. It is freedom to simply be.

Being in the Moment

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people on Facebook sharing quotes on being mindful (which is awesome, I am a quote sharer too) and status updates that should be notes or even blog posts regarding the same. What I don’t see however, is the person having a sense of their own being but rather more of an intellectualizing of the topic.

(But that is what we Westerners do anyway. Over-intellectualize everything!)

Being in the moment is what it says; “Being”. Its action, not intellectualizing over it. 

Being in the moment  is so much more than just being aware of your present moment. It is a relinquishing of control to the moment. This means no more endless worrying about a future that does not exist and a past that does not matter. For many people, this is a really heavy concept and quite difficult to grasp. If they can grasp it, they can’t stand the idea of relinquishing control on any level; not being in a the passenger seat of a person driving the car let alone a single moment. And this is one of many reason why most people suffer.

Suffering is the first of the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism :

  1. Life is suffering
  2. The Origin of suffering is attachment
  3. The cessation of suffering is attainable
  4. The path to the cessation of suffering

Awareness of Self

Awareness of who you are isn’t a personal thing. We are the same. It might appear that we are different but that appearance is an illusion. Just as our being separate is. We all come from the Heart center of the universe and as that Heart center moves out into the world, pulsating, vibrating and emanating its light force out, that light takes on its own expressions and manifestations but it still the same. It is still One.


There Is Only the One

Like raindrops on the hood of a car, which through vibrations from the car or more rain, they have moved from the source puddle making a thousand smaller raindrops. It appears there are more drops but it’s only an illusion. We are the only One in the entire universe.

If we don’t have a sense of our own being, all the spiritual teachings in the world are nothing but a bunch of wasted words, the dream within the dream that misses the awareness of the dream.

But once you’re able to understand it and you ride that wave of understanding, you allow yourself a very special type of freedom that can bring a complete state of bliss. No worries, no stress, just minute by minute, going with flow.  (Did that song “Minute by Minute” by the Doobie Brothers pop into anyone else’s head or just mine?)

For the record, I’m not suggesting everyone be as Eckhart Tolle describes himself as having been in his book, The Power of Now and sit on a park bench for days on end without moving in a total states of bliss–(Personally, I think dude may have been tripping on acid myself but that’s another story altogether.) or to like the David Carradine’s character  Kwai Chang Caine in the t.v show “Kung Fu” and walk around from place to place living only moment to moment in whatever the world brings. It would be fascinating, exciting even but it’s certainly not practical for the times and world we live in.

Not all the time anyway. We can still “Be in the moment” and be mindful of life. We can still tend to our duties, pay our bills and take care of ourselves and family while we practice relinquishing control and letting go of our attachment to how each moment is coming.

If only for a few  moments today (or any day, even everyday if you can), want nothing, desire nothing, be nothing and exist in that state of nothing. Just Be. Just breath and flow into the Oneness that is you.