Cleaning Out The Attic


How I wish I could get inside my brain, to clean and organize it as easily as I do my house. First, I’d take out the trash – all those negative thoughts that get in the way and keep me from doing my best work.
I’d bag up all those old hand -me- down ideas that clutter up my brain and don’t fit me anymore. I’d suck up the cobwebs of less important thoughts so I could see my important ideas more clearly. I’d scrub the floor of complacency, allowing my passions to shine through. I’d wash the windows into my heart and soul so they could speak to me more openly. I’d analyze what I wanted to say and organize it into neat bundles. And finally,  I’d decorate with pictures of good times, encouraging words, and smiles.
~ Elaine Luddy Klonicki


Meditation At Dawn

I am awake. It is just before sunrise. The house is still sleeping. All except me. I embrace the silence and try to recall my dreams but I am having no luck. I grab my journal and I begin to write.


I begin to draw tiny circles on the top of circles until I have drawn a cluster of them. I ponder this cluster of circles I have created and it dawns on me that I have drawn the a symbol of life. Circle on top of circle connected to another, circle within a circle, within another circle forming one big circle. Yes. Layer upon layer of seemingly individual circles but in reality, they are different expressions of one energy.

I contemplate this. I breathe this truth into my being and embrace it. After this wisdom permeates my understanding I allow my thoughts to drift again to the sleeping house. All is quiet except for the soft hum of the heater from the refrigerator and the ticking of the clock.

I feel quite open and odd at the same time now. I am still. I recognize the stillness and allow myself to just go deeper into it. I close my eyes. Inhale. Exhale. Within a few seconds the impression of fire fills my sight and the sensation of water surrounds me.

I do not think in this place of stillness and silence. In this place, one doesn’t think, only listens.

As I listen for a the sound of perhaps a voice, I am instantly filled with knowing. No voice speaks words I can hear and understand but instead they are words being written on my heart by the hand of God. I am moved to soft, quiet weeping.

Embracing this moment and allowing myself to wade in this pool of eternal love with a heart that has been once again touched by God and filled with immense gratitude.

I am being called out of my dream to come to this place, my Inner Temple. I realize that deep, within this tranquil place exists many hallways and many doors that open to many rooms. I am filled with wonder and yet I know I need to center.

I am going deeper to the center of my temple, the place where water flows freely and sparkles like diamonds; where no words are spoken but only a deep knowing shared. There are no candles to be lit and light to be let in. When the water flows, its diamond like quality reflects the light of knowledge and wisdom gained here, one sparkle at a time. The more I acknowledge, the more I am grateful and open to this splendor, the more I receive and my Inner Temple is illuminated.

My Inner Temple is quite plain and simple. There are no lavish flowers placed anywhere or candles burning everywhere for all these things are unnecessary when you are in the presence of Divine Light and Wisdom.

This place is the place where secrets are revealed and mysteries unfold. This is my sacred and holy place where I do not have questions but receive only answers to perhaps even questions yet not asked.


It is time to leave this beautiful place and return to the mundane. A few deep breaths and here I am, in the awareness of the Sleeping Goddess House, the humming refrigerator and the ticking clock.

I am being once again filled with an incredible knowing of why I am called out of this dreamlike meditation state and sleeping mind.

She calls me.

It is a voice so familiar, one with no sound, no words only a vibrational knowing so deep and powerful in permeates all of my being; the physical, the emotional, the mental and my spiritual self is bathed in this Divine Light of knowing.

I am tearing up once more. She has always been with me, protecting me, loving me and comforting me. It’s Her name I cry out when I’m frightened. It is Her name that comforts me.

My heart is filled with words in praise of Her:


Glorious and Most Radiant Goddess,

Queen of My Soul

Lady of the Heavens

Mother of the Gods, Earth and Men

Mistress of Magick

You are the light that illuminates my being

Let my heart rejoice

and speak your many names!

Let my breath

be a song in Your honor

and my life be a dance

to your Glory.

Radiant and luminescent Lady,

I am humble before You

and blessed by Your golden touch

in my life and upon my soul

May my heart always be open

to Your Love

My mind

to Your Wisdom

My body open

to Your healing

And my spirit

filled with Your beauty

and light

so that I might act as

Your priestess

and be a vessel

pouring Your love

into the world.

I adore You,

I adore You,

I adore You

Lady Isis-Aset,

I adore You

Queen of my soul.

Tears softly flow down my face and I taste their salt. I feel my breath, warm and light and my heart beating to the steady calm rhythm of Divine Love and Gratitude.

I am fully aware and taking in the knowledge and basking in the wisdom that I am exactly as I am meant to be in this moment. In this moment, I am perfection.