The Best Tarot Readers Like Onions

thI remember the first time, many moons ago,  I read that onions were sacred to the Egyptian Goddess Isis. My immediate thought was that an onion was an odd thing to be so sacred. However, as I grew in knowledge, and deeper wisdom unfolded, I began to see why the Ancient Egyptians likened the onion to Isis. Aside from its many healing properties from healing bee stings, insect bites, ridding of warts, corns, and other skin afflictions; curing disease, repelling evil curses, and protecting children from sickness, and to alleviate asthma, and other breathing issues as well as many other uses. It was also considered a symbol of the universe, and its multi-layered dimensions; one layer of existence revealing the next.

Today while shuffling my cards and my eye caught the statue of Isis on my altar. I drew “The Fool”. I put the other cards down, and looked at this card, which is from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, and instantly I thought of the onion, and its many layers. It made me think deeply of the Tarot in general, readings, and my friends who read them.


I have many friends who read the Tarot, and yet I rarely have them read for me for several reasons. It isn’t because they aren’t good at reading the cards or haven’t mastered the concrete definitions of the cards but because one can not be told the mysteries of ones soul by another. We have all the answers we need within. It is said in may esoteric circles, that “We need only remember all that we have forgotten.” It is the Tarot readers responsibility to guide, and encourage the querent to the answers within using the Tarot as a tool, not to attempt to ‘tell’ anyone what their future holds or what is going on in their past or current situations.

A querent who is conscious of his or her own life affairs should certainly already know this much. Unfortunately, a lot of  Tarot readers  I know and have experience with, friends included, do not seem to get beyond the mastery level of fixed definitions, and therefore leave the layers of the Tarot card relatively unpeeled, so to speak, and deeper wisdom untapped.

For example:

Those who do the card a day reading, drawing one card, and then sharing their interpretation of the general meaning, and definition of the card. The problem with this is that, let’s say she might draw the Queen of Swords today, July 17th, 20015 and then again October 17th, 2015; both cards will have the same interpretation, and definition copy, pasted, and attached to it. Where’s the mystery in that? Sure, it might “hit home” for some, and be relevant on many levels but the reason for that is mostly likely because the mind gets busy trying to find itself in the prediction. So naturally picking out any card, and posting any interpretation is going to “hit home” for many.  And later in the day, they will unconsciously make their actions fit the prediction of the day, and later say, “Oh my god, that was right on!”Queen+of+Swords

Yes, maybe so, but it could have been so much better!

Here’s another example:

The last time I had a real bona fide reading was Samhain of 2012. Samhain is October 31st or astrologically celebrated November 7,8,or 9th depending on the  year. At this particular time, it was November 7th. Samhain is a time when it’s said the veils between the world’s, the realm of the living, and of spirit are thinnest; when the ancestors can visit, and other ghostly beings too. It is a time we honor the dead, and celebrate the aspect of life we call death. It’s a powerful, mystical, magickal time. With all this thinning of the veils, and magick about from this realm into that of the mystical, all-knowing other side, certainly it was a good time for reading.

A dear Sis-star read for me, outside by the fire, and under the light of the full moon. I absolutely hated the reading. The emotional coloring was all off, and nothing about it made any sense whatsoever. The more she tried to literally define the cards, the worse it was. She was going through a personal transition in her life as well, and I felt at the time that might be adding to the over all color of my reading. Ultimately, by the end of this night, nothing was answered by Spirit. At least, not to my awareness.

I ended up carrying this reading with me into the world of dreams where it showed itself to me again as more of a revelation. Before I stepped out of bed I picked up the cell phone and text another soul sis-star of mine and shared with her my dream. She responded with, “Wow! What a powerful dream! What do you think it means?”

At that time, I didn’t know. But after talking to yet another soul sis-star of mine, who is an excellent guide, teacher. and friend, I was able to discover, and let unfold the ginormous picture; the over all message for my soul from my soul. So ultimately, in the end of all things, it was my sis-tars interpretation of the cards in my original reading for me that didn’t jell for me; the cards however, were right on the money.

This is because mysteries can not be told or shared. They must be experienced, and they reveal themselves to the student or seeker. This includes the Tarot as well. It is easy for even a skilled reader to project themselves into the reading even when they don’t believe they are and/or are trying to often reading, and picking up on what Self or spirit is trying to communicate to the reader vs what is necessary for the querent.

Another reason I rarely have others read for me is because I understand that I am the creator of my visions, my dreams, and I am the map maker of my future in the here, and now. I’ve been given all the tools I need to create my destiny. Having another attempt to read for me, which is actually trying to “tell” me what possibilities are in store for me does nothing to nurture my spiritual growth, and reliance on my own inner wisdom but in fact, if taken to heart, has the potential to throw me off my course.

An essential part of spiritual practice is understanding that it is a path of self exploration and discovery. It is learning how to trust the inner-wisdom that comes explicitly from the heart, and not outside sources of other telling us what is, and what is not, regardless of who it is they say they are, and what they do. The Divine speaks to all of us.

The Tarot is Like an Onion

Every card is like an onion, layered with such deep esoteric meaning just waiting to be discovered. While I think the basic associations are solid, such as, the suite of cups being related to the realm of water which is further associated with intuitive process, matters of the heart, and fluid movement, I do not think the cards themselves are repetitive.  In other words, I do not think that what the nine of pentacles says today will be exactly what it will say tomorrow under different circumstances, and affected by different energies. To read in that fashion is to not to peel back any more layers of that beautiful onion, and reveal the deeper secrets, and mysteries that are waiting to be discovered.

Unfortunately, many of the readers I know and have come into contact with spend more time in their head over intellectualizing the cards, and their meanings interpreting them literally instead of allowing themselves to feel what the card is actually saying, which again goes back to them not peeling back the layers, and having deeper meaning revealed to them. “Those who have eyes, let them see.” Most notably from the bible but it has been said in many ways in different Ancient Mystery Schools.

In other words,those who haven’t surrendered the ego to Divine will not see the deeper mysteries of Tarot or of Spirit.  The Tarot wisdom, as well as the Mysteries in general, is layered like an onion. Those who can not recognize this onion- like quality about the Tarot can not peel back layers of meaning, and reveal more truth underneath. They can not because they operate from their lower self or ego, and this is where their vibrations are concentrated.

Having the same old interpretation time, and time again reveals nothing new to the seeker, querent or even to the Self that is reading. It may be that it is a message the reader needs to hear again, and again because they haven’t quite integrated, absorbed, and put to practical use the message the first several times around, like having the same dream, night after night. They refuse to peel the layers of that mysterious onion back, or perhaps they don’t know how, and see deeper meanings there available to them. For these readers, despite, and because of their mastery of fixed interpretations of the tarot, their intuitive process with Tarot is highly limited.

Or maybe they just don’t like onions.

What it comes down is first understanding is that we all are standing at the edge of an ocean of limitless possibility therefore allowing us an infinite amount of choice in what we think, say and do. Secondly, understanding that with an infinite amount of choice comes equally an infinite amount of consequence, responsibility, and outcome. We can change our minds, and make different choices, hence a different outcome, at any time.

A skilled tarot reader can help predict the outcome of the particular pattern you have set course for your life based on the choices you are making at that time. A highly skilled, and intuitive reader is able look beyond the surface of the images, go far past the assigned definitions of the card, and gently peel back the onion-like layers mystery revealing deeper wisdom that can help you make the best possible choices in the right here and now that create a better outcome for your life.

In the end, remember, you have the power of choice, of unlimited choice no matter what you discover along the way. Ultimately, always follow the wisdom of your heart, not the interpretation of the reader, or the cards. Your heart only knows truth because it isn’t boggled down by intellect, nor does it filter the truth because what’s in the heart is true because the heart is truth. And that’s all you really want to know, isn’t it?





I invite you to comment below and tell me what you think?




Beltane Message 2013 from Queen and King of May

*A Note On My Own Personal Thoughts and Style of Reading Tarot:

I don’t usually post much about tarot but every once in a great while I may get share here and there or even get on ‘ a sharing kick” but for the most part, it’s not my thing to share my interpretations online.  Since I am now, I decided that I will also share a few of my thoughts about tarot and my particular style. There are many different styles of reading as there are readers and not everyone can agree with or are open to other styles. However, it doesn’t mean those other styles are wrong and others are right but merely different and sharing a different perspective only reveals another layer of the Divine mystery that lay within the images of the Tarot. I tell stories with Tarot. Stories come naturally to me and so with the Tarot, magically unfolds the story which is then the message of the moment.

Because each tarot is layers upon layers of deep meaning, I do not try to give every possible meaning to a single card or integrate every symbolic message therein. Trying to squeeze every possible meaning out of one card into one message is like trying to describe the Divine mysteries in one shot. There are as many meanings to the cards and individually as there are people on the planet and forth coming. It just can’t be done. For me, the deeper meaning, the one that is meant for that particular time, tends to get lost among the overwhelming amount of information presented in trying to synthesize the whole to one meaning.  As I already said, the cards are rich with hidden meanings and deep mystery and mysteries can never be explained but experienced and understood and only then one mystery at a time, just like we live our moments, one at a time.

The Tarot is a mystery for a reason; layers upon layers waiting to be discovered and revealed. There is so much meaning to one particular card and certain things jump out and speak at different times for what needs to be heard at that moment or period of time. Each time I read tarot, I uncover another layer and read what I may not have seen before. Here you will not find the detailed description of each card, that of which you can see for yourself. Nor did I show the traditional Waite-Smith deck pics, which I do use for readings as they didn’t fit the energy of my story. Here you will get “only the message, ma’am” as I personally intuited and received it.  I will, however, list symbols from the Waite-Smith deck at the end and what they are typically interpreted as. Again, I don’t get stuck on any one meaning of any given symbol. Each symbol has a multitude of meaning as well.  Some of the symbols may be relevant at this time to the message or not. It’s all a mystery, and the magic of it is experiencing it unfold into your own deep consciousness as it does mine. For me, it almost always unfolds as a story.

With that said, if my interpretation doesn’t mesh with you because you are a reader with your own style or because it just doesn’t then that’s OK. It’s not for you then but it is for someone out there.

And so moving along…

On the 1st of May I contemplated either doing a sabbat spread and tarot reading for Beltane season or just pull a couple of cards. I ended up deciding just pulling a few cards. Thinking of Queens and Kings of May, I decided to only use the court cards and let spirit choose the May Queen and King. The day before I drew the Temperance card and it’s message was about the integration of two or more things happening in the mundane and spiritual levels. Seemed fitting then, the Queen and King of May.

This is what I wrote down in my Tarot Jounal: Oh and by the way I didn’t change much except the typos, which I did out of  courtesy to you dear reader!  Since I couldn’t even read my own handwriting half the time, it took a lot of effort to sit down here and type away and fix things.  But hey, your worth it!  (^__^)/

Who is the  May Queen and King? The Queen of Cups and King of Wands. Oohh..sensual, wet, hot, lusty and sensual, highly sexual connection here. It may not be a forever thing but the time they have is a powerful and magickal time and they definitely make it count.

Personality Types and  Attraction:

The Queen of Cups is a beautiful, sensual and romantic woman. She is an intuitive, feeling and passionate woman whose love and sexuality and sense of caring run deep. She is receptive and like her ruling element of water that is mutable, adaptable and seems to be flow with change with ease.  She is connected to her highest self and feels through her heart. Although she maintains a sense of control, her feelings of what love and romance are seem to naturally flow just as easily. She’s able to help others makes sense of, get in touch with and understand their own emotions better.

The King of Wands is a natural-born leader, a real go getter kind of guy. He is highly motivated to take action; a determined person who at the same time is not rigid in his ideas and beliefs but rather remains flexible and open to other points of view and ideas even if they don’t match his own. He is authentic, confident, self-actualized individual who is able to express his true nature, the wise, passionate-loving, take charge kind of guy. He is also extremely devoted to his family. His issues are that sometimes he can get carried away by his over enthusiastic optimism and may need to slow his role, so to speak. But once a wild-fire gets going, it’s hard to put out. This is where the lady of cups may help put out or soothe this raging inferno to a more pleasant and beautiful fire. Image


The King of Wands finds the Queen of Cups sexually appealing loving her vivaciousness, her curves, succulent breasts and wide, rounded hips which he sees as perfect for bearing the children. He sees that she is the ultimate nurturer so in all that they create together, in their hot, passionate sexy couplings, like the sun to the earth, their children shall be well-loved, nurtured and cared for.

The Queen of Cups simply finds the King of Wands hot, charming, utterly irresistible if even only for the time being. He is the hot, fiery, passionate and wild lust and she is the watery, flowing and receptive of his lust and burning sexual attraction.

She is a visionary and because she’s easily adaptable, she shares his vision of bringing forth new life from the fertile and magickal realm their union has created.Image And so together with their visions of a prosperous and abundant earth, they are joined in sacred union of love and passion to bring forth a vision and purpose so much greater than themselves. Image


So maybe they aren’t in it for the long haul. That’s OK. But while they are in it, they are really in it! They are in a passionate, sensual, romantic energetic flow sharing magical, sexual interlude after another; with them, magick is alive and definitely afoot! …and a kiss, a touch and caress and all of those wonderful sensual delights! The King continuously gives his life force, his seed to the Queen of Cups and she lovingly and openly receives and begins to nurture the new life already beginning to form.

Together these two energies of fire and of water, when in perfect balance create the perfect watery, warm and fertile womb from which new life is formed, sustained and comes forth.

This season of Beltane, “in the lusty month of May”, is a time for those ideas, dreams and other goals that you have not yet created, thought of or maybe have put off since the new year. Maybe those ‘resolutions’ that didn’t quite stick–now is a time to start again. This time is a fertile time, the waters of cosmic creation are waiting to receive your passions, your will, your desires; it waits to be impregnated with your wishes for the future. Never is it “too late” to start or begin again. Whether they are short or long-term goals, or creating something altogether new,  the choice is yours the time is now. The fertile environment created by the union of the Queen and Kings watery and fiery realms is about movement, flow and growth. It exists to carry your dreams, wishes and hopes into the sacred center where they can actively grow, be lovingly nourished and be born manifested as reality.

Blessed Be your Beltane season.

Love, Aura



  • Cups: cups are love, pleasure and water, feminine.
  • Water-feminine, the moon, reflective, mirror like, stillness
  • Crowns: Power, sovereignty, honor, higher being, immortality, triumph and honor.
  • Throne: seat of power, monarchy, official seat of monarch
  • Water: Intuition, emotion, psychic awareness, dreams
  • Chakra: Sacral chakra-Swadhisthana. Lower abdomen, just below navel and in pelvic region; sexual organs and for women, the womb. Pleasure, sexual desire.
  • Blue: Feminine, water, quiet, Goddess, contemplation, tranquility, stillness, deep, reflection, moon and feeling.
  • I-ching: Hexagram 2 : Receptive, Skill, Needing. Going with flow never force.



  • wands- according to Golden-Dawn, wands are traditionally associated with fire. Fire is associated with creativity, passion, ambition and spirituality. It’s been said that in order not divulge the Golden Dawns secrets, that Arthur Waite purposely switched the original associations of wands from air to fire; likewise swords from fire to air. I am of that latter camp. However, for this reading and the cards I use, I went with what felt right and fire for wands it was.
  • King: mastery, control, absolute power and respect. Often an older man and a driving force in his realm.
  • Crown: victory, power, immortality, righteousness and rebirth or life after death.
  • Staff: Usually held by the sage or magician. Associated with wisdom, intellect and power of the magi.
  • Throne: seat of power, monarchy, official seat of monarch
  • Element : Fire. Heat, Passion, movement, energy, asseriveness
  • Chakra: Third Chakra-Solar plexus or Manipura, it’s element is fire and it’s located just above the navel in the solar plexus. Vitality, assertiveness, self-confidence, will and determination
  • Colors : red-survival issues (root chakra) strong, intense emotions, (love, anger) determination, life blood.  Said to be masculine but as a Goddess woman who reclaims the “life blood”, I see red as divinely feminine.
  • Yellow: Illumination, light, radiance, the sun, mental activity, self-expression and confidence; ironically, yellow is said to be the color of the coward. Where did we get that expression? …energy, will power, redemption…
  • The I-Ching- Khien , Creative power and skill

I do not own any of these images.

Dreaming Tarot: Meeting The High Priestess

This was originally posted in July, 2009 on the now defunct Goddess Live blog of the Z. Budapest’s Susan B. Anthony Coven Number One where I was once a member of. I have long since left that “coven” but some of the writings and contributions I offered I’m finding in my files and many are worth re-sharing here. This is one of them.


“Magick and Wisdom are the gifts of the Goddess. To uncover “truth” one must continue to uncover, discover and search for the hidden, the forgotten, the lost and the unknown to become known. Leave no stone unturned, no question unasked, leave no book unresearched or unwritten.  Always challenge earthly authority on matters they claim to hold answers to of the unknown. Diligently search and study and you will find truths that you seek. Understand that  when you find answers that satisfy you that other people will not always be willing to listen or accept them because it’s simply just too much for them to comprehend.  This is why it is hidden and only revealed to those worthy enough to seek it out, who search with all their hearts to discover this mystery.”  Thus began the words of the High Priestess to me, in the place where time doesn’t exist, in the world of dreams.

It’s said that when the High Priestess shows up in a reading, that it’s best to pay close attention to your dreams and intuition. What about when She shows up in your dreams?

Last night, for hours I worked with the Tarot, shuffling them, admiring them, laying out various spreads trying to see which one would call out to me.  I put them away after I became a little frustrated that nothing jumped out or tried to speak to me.  At least not while I was awake anyway.

On my nightly sojourn into the land of infinite possibilities, another dimension where time doesn’t exist, in the dream-consciousness realm of spiritual existence is where I received the message that I craved. Not  as something cryptic or having to decipher but rather face to face and personal with the High Priestess herself. She called for my audience and I had no choice but to oblige.  I was receiving my message but not in the way that I had originally expected. My desire to have a card jump out at me like a flash of lightening or to be able to feel it like the thunder that rolls across the sky was  not to happen. The High Priestess refused to get louder than the external and internal noise I allowed myself to be immersed in. She had something for me but for what she was about to say, she needed all of my attention. When I fell into deep sleep and entered into my dreamscape,  I ended up right in the place I was meant to be … before the High Priestess.

In utter awe I stood before Her, amazed at where I was. I was in the Sacred Temple and She was seated before me, in between the darkness and the light, between the pillars of Boaz and Jachim, the pillars of mercy and severity.  She sat patiently watching me staring at the veil of Persephone, of great mystery behind Her, knowing that deep down inside, I yearned to know what was beyond it although I knew those whom She found worthy could pass beyond it. I gazed upon the crown of Isis and I am spellbound.  I saw the moon of Artemis under her feet and although I could feel it’s magnetic power drawing me near, I didn’t dare reach out and touch it. Her white flowing robes were so white they appeared to be instead blue.  My eyes met Her gaze and in that moment all of my senses were filled with an indescribable knowing.  The High Priestess, in the flesh is beyond all earthly ideas of beauty, power and infinite wisdom.  Just simply standing in Her presence where Her aura encapsulated the temple space, I know I have been touched and will never be the same again. The words of wisdom she imparted upon me there solidified that realization indefinitely. I will grow, change, evolve and transform yes, and therefore I will never be the same again.

I gave the High Priestess my full attention as she went on. “Realize this, that for all of your hard work and your tireless efforts to uncover such truths, the one truth you will find is that in the end, you will have learned a little more than nothing. This is because my truth is eternal and never ending.  My truth is everywhere and yet it is in no one place. It never has been.”

I felt her words and I thought I understood.  For everything we think we know in this world we are hardly even scratching the surface of all that there is to know and all that there is to know is not necessarily for us to know in this lifetime.  But she was not finished and she went on.

“All of your learning has come to you in many forms, through pleasures of the flesh, of the mind and of the soul and equally in your trials, tribulations, losses and sufferings. You must remember as you are going through this life that these things are merely experiences and in the darkest and painful of times as well the most blissful and happiest of all experiences. Those too will pass.  However, what remains with you, the lessons you have learned  you will take with you from this world into the beyond this veil. This veil is the realm of the unconscious, of the spirit, the source. You will pass through this veil when you are initiated into the final earthly mystery but not before. ”

At that moment I realized that the veil behind her was the veil, of transformation and regeneration. Only through Her, as She was the  middle pillar of the Tree of Life,  could we be birthed beyond the veil, into the final initiation; to know the deepest of all secrets stored away into the unconscious, the Goddess mind; to know, understand and experience death in it’s highest form.  The only way to experience death is through birth and experiencing life. Our physical birth through the loins of a female is purely symbolic of the greater mystery that lies beyond.  I think for second I began to understand the obsession the Ancient Egyptians had with life beyond and therefore lived whole lives concerned with what was after. In those same moments, old ideas, beliefs and ideas of what I thought I knew, and understood were slain. They began to shatter before me, crumble and fall into complete ruin that was only swept way with new understanding.  As this new understanding washed over me, I began to hear her speaking again.

“The book that sits upon my lap, the Tora is a book of the laws of the Universe, the laws of creation, the laws of nature and of spirit. Within these pages is everything that ever was, is now and anything that will ever be is here. Although your name is in it, as your mother before you and her mother before her this book is not for you or any other mortal being to hold in your hands. Nor is it one that is passed down or inherited but rather it is one that is felt, intuited, acknowledged and recognized because this book is within. As a divine and sacred child of the Universe, your job is to live, experience all things and through that to learn as much as you can while you are here.”

I realized that I was in fact dreaming lucidly.  I looked around and I thought Ok, so any moment now I’m going to hear Mufasa from the “Lion King” say to Simba from the heavens in that unmistakable voice that is only James Earl Jones, “Simbaaaah, Remember who you are…..Rememberrrrr” but alas, nothing. I looked around the temple space thinking the High Priestess would not be there now that I was in a lucid dreaming state but she was still there too. I turned away and I thought to myself “This is only a dream and she’s saying just want I think she would say or perhaps what I want her to say” and then as though she were reading my thoughts she said “You can not will the Gods to tell you anything that isn’t meant for you to know, Nor can you can not stop the Gods from doing anything they wish to do. It is  only vanity of the human condition would think otherwise.”

I turned around, almost afraid to look at her but when I did she was softly smiling. I began to hear the sound of rain coming down as she began to speak once more. She said “Never stop seeking, never stop searching and never stop asking questions. It’s been written “Seek and Ye shall find”, it is no less truer right now in your own life time. Remember that when you think you have found the answer you are looking for it is in that moment that you must go back and question again and dig deeper because I assure you there is more to be found. The lessons are not in the answers found but in the experience of finding them.”

Then I could hear nothing but only the sound of the pouring rain. I opened my eyes and turned to look out the window and watched the rain come down going over what I just experienced. I grabbed a journal to write it all down and then I decided to complete the ritual process of change–because I know this experience has undoubtedly begun my metamorphosis, my spiritual evolution–to go and stand outside in the rain. In my pj’s and all, I went out into my back yard, stood by the rose bush and just let the rain wash over and cleanse my being 3 fold, mentally, spiritually and physically.

What exactly this change and transformation means for me specifically, I do not know but I know I can not turn back now.